what are the basic beliefs of jehovah witnesses?

Why do people stay? [139] For anointed Witnesses, salvation is said to be achieved through their death and subsequent resurrection to heavenly life to share with Christ as a co-ruler of God's kingdom;[140] for others, it is gained by preservation through the Great Tribulation and the battle of Armageddon. Beliefs. Basis. They were so sincere, so studious and so kind. [188] Watch Tower publications define three different types of defection. [174] Satan will subsequently attack Jehovah's Witnesses, an action that will prompt God to begin the war of Armageddon, during which all forms of government and all people not counted as Christ's "sheep", or true followers, will be destroyed. [195] They are described as "anti-God" and doomed to destruction. You must not belong to another church at the time you make a decision to become baptized as a Jehovah’s Witness. [5], Jehovah's Witnesses teach that the present world order, which they perceive as being under the control of Satan, will be ended by a direct intervention of Jehovah (God), who will use Jesus Christ to fully establish his heavenly government over earth, destroying existing human governments and non-Witnesses,[6][7][8] and creating a cleansed society of true worshippers who will live forever. Jehovah's Witnesses are required to 'speak in agreement' and defend all doctrines even when they have doubts. They view God as the Father, an invisible spirit "person" separate from the Son, Jesus Christ. The Witnesses understand Jesus’ words at John 3:3—"except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God"—to apply to the 144,000 who are "born again" as "anointed" sons of God in heaven. Yes, as they feel most holidays or national days of recognition are pagan, or in some way unbiblical. Answer: The sect known today as the Jehovah’s Witnesses started out in Pennsylvania in 1870 as a Bible class led by Charles Taze Russell.Russell named his group the “Millennial Dawn Bible Study,” and those who followed him were called “Bible students.” Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that Armageddon is imminent and that everyone who is not a Jehovah’s Witnesses is wicked and is going to be killed, including babies. [77][85] The use of his personal name is regarded as vital for true worship,[86] and Witnesses usually preface the term God with the name Jehovah. "Will You Heed Jehovah's Clear Warnings?". Question: In your opinion, do the leaders control the minds or actions of the members, based on rules of the church? [89] He is described as God's first creation and the "exact representation of God",[90] but is believed to be a separate entity and not part of a Trinity. They view God as the Father, an invisible spirit “person” separate from the Son, Jesus Christ. It is commonly understood that the JWs are a cult. [68][69], The entire Protestant canon of scripture is seen as the inspired, inerrant word of God. [132][133], Jehovah's Witnesses' believe that faith in Jesus' ransom sacrifice is essential for salvation. Therefore, they promote moral and spiritual education over secular education. [166][167] They believe that their preaching is also part of that sign, citing Matthew 24:14. [63] Watch Tower publications claim both the Great Apostasy and Russell's subsequent "restoration" of original Christianity[64] were a fulfilment of Jesus' parable of the wheat and the weeds at Matthew 13:24-30,36-43. As Jehovah’s Witnesses, we strive to adhere to the form of Christianity that Jesus taught and that his apostles practiced. [204] Higher education is discouraged,[205][206] based on their belief that it is futile to plan for secular advancement in a world that faces imminent destruction, as well as fears about succumbing to greed, corruption, and materialism. Question: Does mainstream Christianity, including pastors and ministers, typically believe that Jehovah’s Witnesses are a cult? [158] As such, the Second Coming is considered an invisible presence, lasting for an extended period of time, and ending with Jesus' "coming" to separate the Sheep and the Goats. The remaining ones will enjoy a paradise on earth. There are no Jehovah’s Witness holidays. The group reports a worldwide membership of approximately 8.68 million adherents involved in evangelism and an annual Memorial attendance of over 20 million. —Exodus 3:6; 32:11; John 20:17. . A significant underpinning belief of Jehovah’s Witnesses is that Jesus’ heavenly rule (or “heavenly Kingdom power”) began in 1914. Although Jehovah's Witnesses beliefs come from the Protestant and Adventist tradition, they do hold many beliefs that set themselves apart. Satan and his demons are said to have been cast down from heaven to the earth in 1914, marking the beginning of the "last days". Subscribe to Our Facts on Jehovah's Witnesses. Trinity - Jehovah's Witnesses beliefs reject the doctrine of the Trinity. These teachings are disseminated through The Watchtower magazine and other publications of Jehovah's Witnesses, and at conventions and congregation meetings. [24][25][26] The view is based on their interpretation of Proverbs 4:18, which they believe refers to a continuous progressive advancement in doctrinal knowledge and scriptural understanding for "righteous ones",[27][28] with the holy spirit helping "responsible representatives of 'the faithful and discreet slave' at world headquarters to discern deep truths that were not previously understood". Consider why faith in Jesus is essential for true Christians. [187] However, Jehovah's Witness doctrines provide no method for members to terminate membership and remain in good standing. However, they do not believe in the Trinity, the doctrine that God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit are all aspects of one God. "Jehovah’s Theocratic Organization Today", Testimony by Fred Franz, Transcript, Lord Strachan vs. Douglas Walsh, 1954. p. 123, as reproduced in R. Franz. Jesus was just a prophet like Moses and Abraham. [179], Most of those who had died prior to God's intervention will gradually be resurrected to a "day of judgment" lasting for the thousand years referred to in Revelation 20. [87] Because no other religion uses the name Jehovah with the same prevalence, they believe that only Jehovah's Witnesses are making God's name known. Your free email subscription to our Facts on Jehovah's Witnesses provides: INFORMATION: Discover the secret doctrines that the Watchtower … Other teachings of theirs are considered heretical, blasphemous and legalist. Alot of articles that are published about the beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses focus solely on doctrine, and quite frankly, avoid the harsher beliefs of the religion. Jehovah Witnesses Beliefs QUESTION: What are the Jehovah Witnesses beliefs? What are the beliefs of Jehovahs Witnesses? Jehovah's Witnesses believe God is the Creator and Supreme Being. Jehovah's Witnesses beliefs include works such as learning about Jehovah, living a moral life, regular witnessing to others and obeying God's commandments as part of the requirements for salvation. Though they state that their numbers are growing, there is no proof of this claim. Yes. JWs are taught that their leaders have a direct link to God, and that if one leaves JWs, they left God. There is a historical basis for the December 25th date of Christ’s birth. They believe that when the Babylonians conquered Jerusalem, the line of kings descended from David was interrupted, and that God's throne was "trampled on" from then until Jesus began ruling in October 1914. "Obedience to the Good News a Way of Life". [94], They believe that after his death, Jesus appeared to his disciples, convinced them of his resurrection, and then ascended into heaven to sit at Jehovah's right hand until he would become the promised king of God's heavenly kingdom. Question: What are Jehovah’s Witnesses beliefs? [92] His birth on earth was accomplished when he willingly allowed himself to be transferred, by God, from heaven to the womb of the virgin, Mary. Jehovah's Witness - Jehovah's Witness - Beliefs: Witnesses hold a number of traditional Christian views but also many that are unique to them. Yet it is critical to understand the vast differences between their beliefs and what the Bible teaches. Biblically, however, the Holy Spirit has the three primary attributes of personality: 1. a mind (Rom. "What Is the Bible’s View? The issue is said to be whether God can rightfully claim to be sovereign of the universe. They believe that all intelligent creatures are endowed with free will, and that salvation is dependent on God's "undeserved kindness", but also requires faith in God and in the "ransom sacrifice" of Jesus Christ,[135] demonstrated by "zealous" preaching activity. [201] Witnesses are told they must loathe and hate in the "biblical sense of the word" those who are defined as apostates and show no curiosity about their ideas,[202] and that apostates' "whole purpose is to tear down God's people and to distort the truth. [130] Based on this, they believe that parables such as that of "the rich man and Lazarus" should not be interpreted literally, and that such references are speaking of symbolic death, not the physical death of actual individuals. (Psalm 83:18; Revelation 4: 11) He is the God of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. Moreover, personal pronouns are used of him (Acts 13:2). and i need to know the basic beliefs and pretty much anything else!! For example, Jehovah's Witnesses believe in one God, the authority of the Bible (i.e. … [111][112][113][114] Watch Tower Society publications state that Witnesses need not harbor dread or superstitious fear of demons, because their power over humans is limited. Salvation is described as a free gift from God, but is said to be unattainable without good works that are prompted by faith. The Bible — It is God's infallible, inspired word. Jesus Christ, who they believe is God's only begotten son, is the head of the Christian congregation and the model that Jehovah's Witnesses follow. What can Jehovah Witnesses […] They believe they have the only true religion and that all other religions are under Satan. They believe that the Holy Spirit is the power of God, but not its own being. "Old Testament or Hebrew Scriptures—Which?". By the end, I think you will see that gulf is indeed wide between true, biblical Christianity, and the theology taught by the Watch Tower. Jesus Christ is God’s agent, through whom sinful humans can be reconciled to God. A significant underpinning belief of Jehovah’s Witnesses is that Jesus’ heavenly rule (or “heavenly Kingdom power”) began in 1914. The JWs have lost many members. The "identifying marks" of apostates are said to include attempts to gain followers, disregard for the Witnesses’ preaching activity, rejection of God's visible organization, public criticism of other Witnesses and attempts to hinder their work. If they return to the Kingdom Hall, other members will not speak to them unless or until it is known the the accused party has been reinstated as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. ”Keep Your Hope of Salvation Bright!”, The Watchtower, June 1, 2000, pages 9-14. [151] Those of the "other sheep" who die faithful to God will receive the "resurrection of the righteous" ("just" KJV) mentioned at Acts 24:15. Long after a Jehovah Witness leaves their religion, they remain firmly attached to the beliefs of the organization, until they understand how mind control works. In this article I will explore the very significant differences between historical Christianity and the Jehovah’s Witnesses beliefs. • Jehovah’s Witnesses have a different belief about heaven as well. Throughout the world an army of persistent enthusiasts tramp from door to door, urging people to adopt their teachings as a matter of life and death. We as Jehovah’s Witnesses adhere to the form of Christianity that Jesus taught and that his apostles practiced. [59] He also claimed that The Watchtower has repeatedly blurred discussions of both Jesus Christ's loyalty to God and the apostles' loyalty to Christ to promote the view that Witnesses should be loyal to the Watch Tower Society. In this article, I want to discuss 10 beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses that they wont tell you up front. We worship the one true and Almighty God, the Creator 'who has a name', and whose name is Jehovah. [91] Jehovah's Witnesses believe that the Archangel Michael, "the Word" of John 1:1, and wisdom personified in Proverbs 8 refer to Jesus in his pre-human existence and that he resumed these identities after his ascension to heaven following his death and resurrection. [77] The name is a common modern Latinized form of the Hebrew Tetragrammaton, or four-letter name, transliterated as YHWH. Satan persuaded Adam and Eve to obey him rather than God, raising the issue—often referred to as a "controversy"—of whether people, having been granted free will, would obey God under both temptation and persecution. [186] They believe coerced worship is unacceptable to God. What are Jehovah’s Witness teachings? JWs are made aware that they may donate cash, jewelry, real estate, personal property of value, stocks, and other valuables. Donations can be used to pay off lawsuits, to invest in real estate, and other investments. A discussion on finding hope in the challenge of Christian suffering. Question: Is it legal for Watchtower Society to hide crimes and not call police if they learn of one? SIGN-UP FOR OUR FREE FACTS ON JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES TO LEARN WHAT THE WATCHTOWER HIDES FROM POTENTIAL CONVERTS. They refer to Him as Jehovah - a true, personal, and exclusive name that all should use. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This article summarizes our basic beliefs. "Deliverance by God’s Kingdom Is at Hand!". However, they have also purchased townhouse complexes, and large commercial properties. Question: Does the Watchtower Society encourage or promote donating to charities outside of their own organization? And that’s because Jehovah's Witnesses believe all other religious faiths are actually devil worship.

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