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But any grumbling about the confusion is given a firm answer when one looks at the pricetag. The Sony A3000 offers a 20.1 megapixel APS-C sensor, a built-in electronic viewfinder, full HD video and a Sony E-mount for interchangeable lenses all for an MSRP of $399 with an 18-55mm kit lens. Viewfinder and monitor. For a list price of just US$400 -- and at the time of this writing (June 2014), street prices without rebates are below US$350 -- you're getting an extremely high-res, SLR-like camera with great image quality, and a stabilized kit zoom lens to boot. Video quality of Sony A6000 vs Panasonic GH2. Be among the first to get the latest Sony news in your inbox. The A3000 is less expensive. 411g vs 545g; 5% more viewfinder coverage? The larger the sensor the more light the sensor captures yielding in better image quality. And it even accepts Sony Alpha-mount lenses via an optional Sony LA-EA2 Adapter ($400 list) which adds phase-detection autofocus to the camera's 25-point contrast-detection AF system. New Video: Using the Sony a3000 with multiple speedlights. To compare real-life performance I shot this scene with the Sony A3000, the Canon EOS T5 / 1200D, and the Nikon D3300 within a few moments of each other using their best quality JPEG settings. The Sony A5000 has an extensive and very usable ISO range of 100-16000. Sony A3000sample video 3: indoors, low-light, handheld pan; ... To see how the quality of the Sony A3000 measures-up in practice, take a look at my Sony A3000 quality and Sony A3000 noise results pages, browse my Sony A3000 sample images, or skip to the chase and head straight for my verdict. Looking for a Sony A3000 vs Sony A6000 comparison? MSRP $399.99 $599.00 at Amazon Now you can shoot professional-looking, frame-worth 20 megapixel images effortlessly, and even capture HD video with the simplicity of a small camera. On the other hand, since Sony A3000 has 21% larger pixel area compared to Sony A6000, it has potential to collect more light on pixel level hence have less noise in low light / High ISO images. Brief assessment. Jump to the top of the body, and things are again very straightforward, as you'd expect in an entry-level camera. How to use the YN-560-IV Speedlight with the a3000 . Equipment. Sony Alpha A3000 vs Canon EOS T5 / 1200D vs Nikon D3300. vs. Nikon D3100. Read our in-depth Sony A3000 review, and find out whether Sony's hit the perfect balance between features and cost! The Sony A3000 produces photos of excellent quality. Sony A3000 Video Features With Sony A3000, you can record your videos at a highest resolution of 1920 x 1080 and save in AVCHD, H.264 and MP4 formats. cell phone cameras, who are likely to be attracted to its DSLR form, functionality and interchangeable lenses. As a mirrorless model, you can shoot video on the A3000 simply by pressing the record button, there’s no need to first switch to Live view as on the T5 / 1200D. The leftmost end of the body is featureless. Sony Alpha A3000: SLR image quality at a breakthrough price. Continue: Quality. In spite of my rather shaky handling, most evident when fumbling for the zoom ring, the kit lens stabilisation does a good job of keeping things steady. Electronics. Sony didn't forget video shooters with this release, either. Thanks for watching!Link to the Sony a3000:\u0026qid=1438354078\u0026sr=8-1\u0026keywords=a3000 Shot with:Sony a3000Settings:AVCHD, 24p, 24mbit, Shutter priority: 1/50 shutter, standard profileSound recorded with:in camera audioEdited in:FCPX 118 more focus points? Click to read detailed Sony A3000 technical information! And the A3000 has so many of the features that make Sony NEX cameras appealing, but packaged in an SLR-like body. At the heart of the Sony A3000 is an EXMOR APS HD CMOS image sensor with an effective resolution of 20.1 megapixels. 2.8 MB. Sony A3000: Features. 20.1MP vs 10.2MP; 10x higher maximum light sensitivity? Size and weight. 1. Full HD - 1920 x 1080 video resolution; 411g. Available since early September 2013, the Sony Alpha A3000 carries a list price of just US$400 -- and that's with an E 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 OSS stabilized kit lens included in the bundle. Feels a bit plasticky; Slow burst shooting with limited buffer; Sluggish to power on or switch modes; Low-res EVF and LCD monitor; Can't review images using EVF; No video output; Weak flash; Battery charges in-camera. Performance. The A3000 is less expensive. Compare Sony A6000 image quality against competitors. (Street price as of this writing in June 2014.) It has high speed frame rates up to 60fps at full resolution, great 24MP stills quality, very nice OLED EVF, articulated screen, uncompressed HDMI output and pretty good built quality as well. Both in how it … The a3000 is compatible with a wide section of Sony E-mount lenses ranging from high zoom to macro, so … 107 KB. 10fps vs 2.5fps; Weather-sealed (splashproof)? Discover the key facts and see how Sony A3000 performs in the camera ranking. At top right of the mount (as seen from behind) is an LED lamp for autofocus assist. Brief assessment. I don't understand why Sony allowed HD quality to be so poor (particularly in comparison to the 4K output of these cameras). Sony cameras are already being used on film sets and in many independent filmmakers’ gear bags because they are known for stellar video quality. Profile. Exposure. For step-up buyers, the lower pricetag means money back in their pocket, or spent on their first system accessories. SONY A3000 DIGITAL CAMERA W/18-55mm LENS. I dare say it is better at holding focus than my Canon T5i. How can it bring them to the E-mount? Best of all, can't-miss moments and fast-action shots are captured with DSLR quality and speed—all in a lightweight camera you'll want to take everywhere. Nikon P7000 is clearly the smaller of the two cameras. The right side of the Sony A3000 is featureless, save for a shoulder strap lug, mirroring that on the left side. 48% faster shooting at highest resolution with AF as JPEG format? File Quality. 4x faster shooting at highest resolution with AF as JPEG format? The A3000 is best suited for someone who wants better photo quality than cheaper point-and-shoots, but doesn't want to spend the money on an entry-level DSLR. 07/03/2013 [PDF]Warranty (107 KB) Release Date: 06/05/2006. ... (Advanced Video Coding High Definition) is a file-based format for the digital recording and playback of high-definition video. At the base of the handgrip is a compartment door for the InfoLithium battery pack, complete with a small cutout that allows ingress for the optional AC adapter kit's dummy battery cable. Support Imaging Resource and place your order with trusted Imaging Resource affiliate Adorama now: The Sony A3000 eschews the angular, slightly ungainly styling of the A37, in favor of a rounder, gentler aesthetic that's more similar to the company's other Alpha-series models. Overview and walkaround by Mike Tomkins Posted 08/27/2013, Updates:06/25/2014: Field Test by Jason Schneider. Beneath this, most of the left end of the body is occupied by a large compartment door. Sony doesn't specify the image processor used in the Alpha A3000 beyond that it's a BIONZ-branded chip, but as you'd expect in such an affordable, entry-level camera, performance is modest. Conclusion, video and image quality Directly above the screen-printed Alpha A3000 is a button used to deploy the popup flash strobe. Good-quality 4K video The Alpha A6400 uses the same 24.2MP APS-C Exmor CMOS sensor as the A6300 and A6500. Here's my latest video on how to get up and running YouTube: How to use the Y... ScottWilder 68 months ago 3 replies. Still, with a high-resolution 20.1-megapixel Exmor APS HD CMOS image sensor coupled to a BIONZ image processor, Full HD (1080p) video capture at 60i or 24p, plus features such as HDR, Dynamic Range Optimizer and Sweep Panorama, it might tempt an enthusiast -- especially one who already owns an E-mount mirrorless camera. Quality. That's great for the belt-and-suspenders types, but it makes them much more expensive than they need to be. Unlock your artsy side the easy way with the a3000. Why is Sony A3000 better than Sony A100 DSLR? But while rivals in its pricetag skimp on the basics with plastic lens mounts and years-old designs, Sony plays its own game, making an affordable camera that you'd actually want to own. I show how to use multiple yn560-iv speedlights with … Material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted or otherwise used without the prior written consent of The Imaging Resource. You can alway do external recording also. Below you can see the front view size comparison of Nikon P7000 and Sony A3000. In late August of 2013, Sony announced the α 3000, or a3000, a "DSLR-style" interchangeable lens camera (ILC). Sony A3000 Review: Sony Alpha … … Which are the most popular comparisons? In addition to shooting detailed, sharp HD at up to 1080/60i, the a3000 also delivers sensitive and accurate autofocus performance in live view mode, so you can use the LCD monitor at arm's length while capturing sharp video that tracks your subject. The image quality is awesome and the auto focus is super accurate with little to no hunting. Sony has produced another good camera in the shape of the a3000. Overview and walkaround by Mike Tomkins Posted 08/27/2013 Updates: 06/25/2014: Field Testby Jason Schneider Since Sony launched its first mirrorless cameras -- the Alpha NEX-3 and NEX-5 -- back in early 2010, its E-mount has gone on to become extremely popular. Equipment. Focus. Full HD - 1920 x 1080 video resolution; 411g. 143 vs 25; 19.4% more megapixels (main camera) ... 25% better video recording quality (main camera)? By ditching these, Sony has been able to pare pricing down to a new, even more affordable low. The only other top-deck controls are the Mode dial, Power lever, Shutter button, and Playback button. As the first A-series camera to feature an E-mount (and conversely, the first E-mount camera without NEX branding), there's doubtless going to be a little confusion as to just where the A3000 fits in. As I mentioned before, it may seem a little odd to be writing a review of the Sony a6000 in 2021, several years after its release. Total resolution is 20.4 megapixels, and the APS-C sized chip has a 3:2 aspect ratio. The RAW samples illustrate just how much processing the camera does by … Sony Alpha A5000 review: stunning image quality, at a new lower price; 2. This differs from Sony… 414 KB. Alison DeNisco Rayome Aug. 22, 2020 3:15 a.m. PT But if you are after the highest resolution videos available, see our list of Top Cameras with 4K (Ultra-HD) Video. Within the spectrum of camera sensors, this places the Sony A3000 among the medium-sized sensor cameras that aim to strike a balance between image quality … Absolutely incredible value; Includes a stabilized kit lens; More versatile than a fixed-lens bridge camera; Comfortable body with good ergonomics; Great image quality; Good autofocus performance; Decent battery life. Near the top right corner sits a Movie record button, snugged up against the electronic viewfinder and the top right corner of the LCD. 411g vs 510g; 5% more viewfinder coverage ? Stunning image quality can be found on a consistent basis here, thanks to the Exmor APS HD CMOS … Conclusion. Reasons to choose Sony Alpha a3500 over Sony Alpha A3000. For those willing to live with the low-res EVF and LCD, the Sony A3000 … Behind the door, you'll find the Multi terminal and a combined Secure Digital / Memory Stick Duo multi slot. Flashgun. This is a camera that's been pared down to the basics -- you get precisely what you need, and little more. 128 x 91 x 85 mm; Sony A300 was replaced by Sony Alpha DSLR-A330. At ISO 12800, noise is more easily detectable when viewing images at 100% magnification on screen, but the images are still perfectly usable for small prints and resizing for web use. 100% vs 95%; Has a stereo microphone? 08/26/2013 [PDF]Operating Instructions - AC Adaptor AC-UB10C/UB10D (414 KB) Release Date: 07/03/2013. vs. Nikon D5100. Now you can harness that quality to enjoy better video for your calls and meetings. Have the tech mavens and marketing gurus at Sony finally managed to deliver a high-performance APS-C-format DSLR -- complete with stabilized 18-55mm zoom kit lens -- for the truly astounding price of US$300? At right of the three-inch LCD monitor are two soft buttons, split by a combined Four-way controller and Control dial, with another soft button at its center. At center, there's a popup flash strobe and Multi Interface Shoe for external strobes, and between them sits a stereo microphone. It's not hugely exciting, but it's not meant to be. Sony Alpha A5000: Image Quality Subscribe to our newsletter For an entry-level CSC the Sony A5000 offers a relatively broad ISO sensitivity range of 100-16,000, as did last year’s A3000. Sony's 24.2-megapixel A6400 APS-C camera was a surprise, filling a gap between the A6300 and A6500 that didn't really need to be filled. Some cameras are all about cramming in as many features as possible, even if you'll seldom use them. Want to know if the affordable Sony A3000 is right for you? This is how we make money. Something more along the lines of what they see the professionals using, in other words. On the rear of the Sony A3000, you'll find the interface of a Sony mirrorless camera, rather than that typical of a Translucent Mirror model. Scroll down for more details. The fastest setting of ISO … Has phase-detection autofocus for photos? Noise is very well handled, being virtually absent from ISO 100-3200 and not being too obvious at the fast speed of ISO 6400. Sony A3000 has external dimensions of 128 x 91 x 85 mm (5.04 x 3.58 x 3.35″) and weighs 411 g (0.91 lb / 14.50 oz) (including batteries). The Good With an attractive $400 (or less) price, the Sony Alpha A3000 delivers excellent photo quality for the money.. Purchase Printed Manuals. Published in: Cameras; Tagged under: Sony, Sony Alpha A3000; permalink . Compatible with the manufacturer's range of E-mount lenses, the A3000 features a 20.1 megapixel Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor, 201,600-dot electronic viewfinder with 100% field coverage, 3-inch LCD screen, ISO range of 100-16000, Full HD video recording with a choice of 60/50i or 25p shooting modes and stereo sound, built-in pop-up flash, and a Multi Interface Shoe that allows you to attach … It produces excellent image quality and is … item 3 Sony A3000 Mirrorless Camera 20.1MP with 18-55mm, ... frame-worthy images and HD video with small-camera simplicity. 143 vs 25; 19.4% more megapixels (main camera)? Burst depth is 13 frames in JPEG mode, and drops to just five frames if you add raw files. By video quality only, can anyone with experience give me a recommendation? This camera is amazingly inexpensive for what you are getting. Both the A3000 and the A6100 are mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras that are equipped with an APS-C sensor. (In other words, like the cameras popularly known by the NEX moniker, one which has now been officially folded into the overall Alpha ecosystem.). I also have the Sony A58, which, like the Sony A3000 is a quality camera. Want to know our final verdict on the Sony A3000? The Good With an attractive $400 (or less) price, the Sony Alpha A3000 delivers excellent photo quality for the money.. Yet Sony's much newer model is noticeably more affordable than both. As in the NEX cameras, the functions of the soft buttons change with operating mode, and are indicated on the adjacent LCD panel. Sony A3000 and Sony A6000 have sensor sizes so they will provide same level of control over the depth of field when used with same focal length and aperture. The Bad It's slow, with a poor LCD and only slightly better EVF. Find out in my Field Test! With the 20-megapixel Sony A3000, the company has offered a camera that looks more like a traditional SLR, yet which offers the lens mount of a mirrorless camera. Why is Canon EOS M50 better than Sony A3000? The Sony A3000 offers a 20.1 megapixel APS-C sensor, a built-in electronic viewfinder, full HD video and a Sony E-mount for interchangeable lenses all for an MSRP of $399 with an 18-55mm kit lens. To compare real-life RAW performance shot this scene with the Sony A3000, the Canon EOS T5 / 1200D, and the Nikon D3300 within a few moments of each other using their RAW +JPEG settings. Why is Canon EOS M50 better than Sony A3000? Supports Wi-Fi? New software from Sony lets you turn your digital camera into a high-quality webcam for video chats and livestreaming. Sure, it's not a true DSLR, but the lack of a reflex mirror means one less mechanical part to fail, and it makes the Sony A3000 quieter to shoot with, as well. All the best products. The main reason you want to use a Sony camera over a webcam is for the vastly improved image quality. Ive been agonizing between these two cameras and I can get either for the same price. What you will find is a nice, chunky grip that's sculpted to fit your hand, alongside the Sony E-mount that previously had been found only on NEX-series cameras. The A3000 uses the same large sensor, produces fantastic photos, including low light photos. This clip, like the others below was shot using the Sony A3000’s 1080p25 24Mbps video mode. 25 vs 9; 1.97x more megapixels (main camera) ? This differs from Sony… Click through for the full press release and pricing. Continuous Shooting. 1080 x 60fps vs 1080 x 30fps; Has built-in optical image stabilization? 134g lighter? The Sony A3000 borrows a sensor from a recent Sony DSLR, the 20.1MP Exmor CMOS sensor previously found on the Sony SLT-A58. Like all Sony models, the A3000 saves video in AVCHD and MP4 formats with 1080i50/60 and 1080p25/30 HD modes. Sony A3000 Review: Sony Alpha 3000 says goodbye to the mirror – Mirrorless system camera in SLR design . It captures 1080 60i movies with built-in stereo mics. Or with B&H Photo Video: Sony A3000 kit with 18-55mm E-mount lens Sony A3000 Review -- Walkaround. Has a microphone input? 20M Fine (5.59Mb) (100% … The gauntlet in a brand-new entry level price war has just been thrown down. Best Products. Image Quality, Video and Verdict We may earn a commission if you click a deal and buy an item. Two final controls can be found on the leftmost end of the Sony A3000's body. The competitively priced A3000 offers all the trimmings of an entry-level DSLR including a fixed 3.0-inch LCD, built-in flash and hotshoe. 99g lighter? You may also be interested in these comparisons: Sony Alpha DSLR-A330 vs Sony Alpha DSLR-A300 Sony Alpha DSLR-A330 vs Sony Alpha A3000. It seems very similar to the one in the Nikon D5300, which was manufactured by Sony. But one ... Htbaa 67 months ago 2 replies. And like a NEX camera, the A3000 forgoes both the bulky, expensive mechanical mirror system found in most SLRs, as well as the Translucent Mirror system found in Alpha SLT-series models. Has an electronic viewfinder (EVF)? Full HD resolution of Sony A3000 will be adequate in most of the situations. Looking for a Sony A3000 vs Sony A6000 comparison? ISO 100-800 is noise-free, whilst ISO 1600-6400 produces more than acceptable results, and even ISO 12800 and the fastest setting of 16000 are OK for emergency use. by Mike Tomkins. The Bad It's slow, with a poor LCD and only slightly better EVF. Sony Alpha 3000 Datasheet. Sony a3000 - Prueba de video Sony A3000 vs A6100. Has a built-in HDR mode? 118 more focus points? With all the hubbub surrounding its full-frame Alpha 7 … 24MP vs 20.1MP; 3.2x higher maximum light sensitivity ? 3.7fps vs 2.5fps; Has phase-detection autofocus for photos ? Both have been on the market for a long time, and now list for well below their original pricetags at launch. It produces excellent image quality and is … 1080 x 60fps vs 2160 x ... A series of photographs taken from the same position over a long period is joined together to create a short video. There's also a tripod mount, nicely positioned on the central axis of the lens. Almost two thirds of step-up buy… Introduction. Page 1 of 2Sony Alpha A5000 review: stunning image quality, at a new lower price. Let's read on the following sections in order to better understand in detail how Sony A300 and Sony A3000 compares and hopefully end up with …

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