specialized turbo levo sl comp 2020 weight

That’s no mistake. Everything is built around Specialized's M5 aluminum frame with the integrated SL 1.1 motor and downtube integrated 320Wh battery. It also performed well on mid-sized and bigger hits with a nice ramp-up at the end of the stroke, blowing through the travel and harsh bottom outs were a non-issue. View and share reviews, comments and questions on mountain bikes. (NL DK NO SV SL HR), Tire Pressure and Handlebar Grips Addendum, 2020 LEVO SL USER MANUAL. In Turbo, the power band extends just a bit past when the pedals stop turning. Specialized makes several versions of the new Turbo Levo SL in both aluminum (tested) and carbon frames. The Specialized Turbo Levo Comp 2020 is an aggressive eMTB that builds on the advanced eMTB design of the 2019 model — with just a few tweaks. Specialized aimed to build a Stumpjumper with a … The Range Extender battery and cable weigh 2 lbs and 6 oz. The Turbo Levo SL looks like a Stumpjumper and, out on the trail, feels like one too. … For 2021, the Specialized Levo SL has received some sensible updates that make the 2021 Levo SL even better suited for demanding trail use, lending the bike more control, better security and improved precision. Specialized aimed to build a … Buy now, pay later with Klarna. In the Eco and Trail modes, the power cuts out as soon as you stop pedaling. * Specifications are subject to change without notice, Specialized Bicycle Owner's Manual (All Languages), Specialized Bicycle Owner's Manual Addendum: Riding With Kids, 2020 LEVO SL USER MANUAL. It is significantly lighter weight, a result of the more compact and less powerful motor and smaller battery. It feels far more natural, and there is also virtually no resistance when pedaling without the assistance of the drive unit. And if you’re looking for even more miles, our optional range extender boosts your range by another 50 percent. The Mission Control App is easy to use and it allows you to adjust the support settings to your liking. The 320Wh battery is certainly on the smaller side compared to the standard 500 or even 700Wh batteries we are used to these days, but with the optional Range Extender Battery you can bump that up to 480Wh which is plenty to get out on some super epic rides. Specialized has dropped the magnetic Rosenberger charging port standard used on their Brose powered Turbo models on the new SL motor models, the plug works well but might not pop out if tripped over… which could pull the bike over or crack the connector. If you buy the optional Range Extender Battery, Specialized also sells a Y-Splitter attachment ($60) so that you can simul-charge both batteries at the same time. Pre-loved: 2020 Specialized Turbo Levo SL Comp, This 2020 Specialized Turbo Levo SL Comp is in great physical and riding condition and shows only minimal general wear attributable to prior use. Avec son Levo SL, Specialized investit en trombe le créneau naissant des VTT électriques légers dotés d'un petit moteur et d'une plus petite batterie. Specialized Trail, 6061 alloy, 8-degree backsweep, 6-degree upsweep, 27mm rise, 31.8mm clamp, XS 720mm, S-XL 750mm, Bridge Comp, Hollow Cr-mo rails, 155/143mm, X-Fusion Manic, infinite adjustable, two-bolt head, bottom mount cable routing, remote SRL LE lever, 34.9mm, S: 125mm, M/L: 150mm, XL: 170mm, Roval 29, hookless alloy, 30mm inner width, tubeless ready, Specialized, sealed cartridge bearings, 15x110mm spacing, 28h, Specialized, sealed cartridge bearings, 12x148mm thru-axle, 32h, Butcher, GRID TRAIL casing, GRIPTON® compound, 29x2.3", Eliminator, GRID TRAIL casing, GRIPTON® compound, 2Bliss Ready, 29x2.3", Specialized TCU, 10-LED State of charge, 3-LED Ride Mode display, ANT+/Bluetooth®, Custom Specialized wiring harness w/ chargeport, Specialized SL1-320, fully integrated, 320Wh, Custom charger, 48V System w/ SL system charger plug, Specialized SL 1.1, custom lightweight motor. Ben was lucky enough to test the one up from the base spec, the Specialized Turbo Levo SL Comp … 5 702,50 EUR. 5 février 2020 — Olivier Béart. The Turbo Levo SL Expert Carbon goes for $9,025 and comes with upgrades like a SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain, SRAM G2 RSC brakes, and Roval Carbon wheels. Turning the Levo SL on is as simple as pressing and holding the power button located at the bottom of the TCU on the top tube. The Levo SL is a comfortable and capable climber, but again, it sets itself apart from the competition because of the fact that it is less powerful. Unlike other e-bikes that are twice as powerful, climbing on the Levo SL isn't a spectator sport. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. The cockpit of the Levo SL Comp is nicely equipped with a generous amount of Specialized branded components. The cockpit felt dialed with a nice wide handlebar, short stem, and comfortable grips. 51.5 lbs with tubes and pedals and 700Wh battery. The Specialized Levo SL is Nouveau VTT électrique avec faible poids pour une recherche de performance ultime. Don't want to connect? Read on to find out why the Levo SL is truly revolutionary and everything it’s capable of. The Manic dropper worked flawlessly throughout our testing and we liked the 1x style remote that fits neatly below the e-bike controls. On the bottom of the shifter is the walk mode button which provides a small amount of assistance when pushing the bike up steep sections of trail. The Turbo Levo SL ranges in price from $16,525 (Founder’s Edition Levo SL) to $6,525 (Levo SL Comp). Features like the integrated SWAT tool are really handy. The Comp Carbon is the least expensive carbon-framed model at $7,525. This became even more apparent when they released the new Levo SL models, bringing a lower weight and lower-powered option into the fold. The weight of the S-Works models has probably increased by around 500 g but in our view, that’s a worthwhile investment. The 455mm reach is long enough and the 74.5-degree seat tube angle is just steep enough that power transfer feels direct and efficient. It may have only about half the power, but that should be plenty for many riders. Estimation de votre vélo. GearLab is reader-supported. It can be ridden with finesse, and the downhill experience isn't dominated by its "e-bike-ness" the way that heavier and more powerful bikes can be. Suivant . Material on GearLab is copyrighted. Turbo Levo Specialized Turbo Levo and Kenevo Weight. Comparez les modèles de vélo Specialized sur le Guide VTT 2020 We aimed to build a Stumpjumper with a bit more boost to it and that’s exactly what you get—a … Got feedback? Some bike stores may have local stock. The Range Extender battery weighs 2 lbs and 6 oz and fits into the bottle cage where it is secured with a thick rubber band. The shorter stays help to give the Levo SL a slightly more playful and flick-able feel and a little more maneuverability in super tight switchbacks and technical sections on the descents. As the least expensive model in the new Turbo Levo SL lineup, the Comp comes with a surprisingly nice build. The M5 alloy bikes do have a slightly lower standover height and are available in an extra small size. Specialized aimed to build a Stumpjumper with a bit more boost to it and that’s exactly what you get – similar Sidearm chassis with great, balanced stiffness and 150mm of smooth, custom-tuned suspension. The results add up to more power for riding the trails never taken before. The Turbo Levo SL Comp has an aluminium alloy frame while the rest of the bikes in the range have full carbon frames. Since we've been doing our range testing in this standardized way, we've had the same tester putting in the same amount of effort each time. He was quick to note that it took approximately 50% longer to complete the test on this bike due to the fact that he was going slower as a result of the roughly half-powered assistance compared to "normal" e-bikes. One notable difference between the Levo SL and heavier models is that when the motor cuts out at 20mph it is far less noticeable and much easier to keep your momentum. A SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain takes care of the shifting duties. Managed to get a good deal on a 2020 turbo levo expert, should get it on Thursday. This is especially true of the new Levo SL models, as the aluminum-framed Comp version we tested is the least expensive in the range at $6,525. The motor might be less powerful than most, but it also has far less mass to push, it's … The 150mm X-Fusion Manic dropper post worked flawlessly and ensured our saddle was always in the perfect position. Imprimer; Partager . We were the only magazine worldwide to be given the exclusive opportunity to test the new Turbo Levo SL for a couple of weeks before its official release. The Levo SL is a 150mm-travel trail e-bike with 29in wheels. It’s You, Just Going Faster and Farther. Thule T2 Pro XT 9034XT rack pictured. This location is an improvement over the regular Levo models, and the door closes more securely and keeps dirt and grime out more effectively. The lighter weight is also helpful on long grinds, and in the off chance you run out of battery in the middle of nowhere. The revised location of their LED battery charge and po… You'll work a little harder for it, but it still gives you enough assistance to climb up just about anything. Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products. That said, 18 miles and 3,822 vertical feet is as good or better than many of the full-power models we've tested. When you click on links to buy products we may earn money to support, Lightweight for an e-bike, normal trail bike feel, range extender battery, quiet motor, Less battery storage capacity, less powerful drive unit, expensive. The Specialized Turbo Levo SL Comp Carbon is the perfect trail bike that combines cutting-edge technology, kinematics, and head-turning geometry for a biker’s dream come true. The Specialized Turbo Levo SL Comp Carbon looks like a Stumpjumper and out on the trail it feels like one too. No HTs, levo, levo comp. Let us know! The geometry of the two frames are almost identical. Again, that's the point of the SL models, it's just a little boost in your power and speed. By connecting with our Mission Control App, you can tune the SL 1.1 motor to your riding style, record rides, and monitor the battery. On our standardized range test hill, we rode the Levo SL in the Turbo setting for 13 miles and 2,858 vertical feet. We’re already excited to test the new bike. Jumping and tweaking the bike in the air doesn't feel like a chore. Thanks to its lower weight and modern but not extreme geometry, it feels, handles, and performs a lot like a regular trail bike. It's undeniably quicker, livelier, and easier to get off the ground than its heavier counterparts, yet it is impressively stable and ground-hugging at speed and confidence-inspiring when the trail gets steep or rough. Please verify with your local Specialized marketing … The geometry of the Levo SL is in many ways a carbon copy of the full-powered Levo models with a couple of notable exceptions. When you get the Levo SL up to speed, we noticed that pedaling it past the 20mph mark feels much easier and far more natural than heavier e-bikes. Instead, this is the bike for the rider who wants to push their own watts and have a little help to go a little faster or farther. An X-Fusion Manic dropper … D'occasion. The SL 1.1 motor delivers 35 Nm of torque and up to a maximum power output of 240 watts. The Float DPS shock is nothing fancy, but it worked fine during testing and has a 3-position compression damping switch. (EN IT SP PT KR CNT), Mission Control App 2.0 User Guide (English), Mission Control App 2.0 User Guide (Chinese), FACT 11m full carbon, 29 Trail Geometry, Integrated down tube battery, enclosed internal cable, Command Post routing, 148mm spacing, fully sealed cartridge bearings, 150mm of travel, FOX RHYTHM 34 FLOAT 29, GRIP damper, 51mm offset, 2-position sweep adjust, 15x110mm, tapered alloy steerer, 150mm of travel, FOX FLOAT DPS Performance, 3-position adjustment, 52.5x210mm, Rx Trail Tune, Specialized Trail, 3D-forged alloy, 4-bolt, 6-degree rise. It may be the least expensive model in the line, but the Comp alloy build is pretty well appointed helping enhance its downhill performance. That said, it has a great geometry, a good seated pedaling position, and the lower amounts of pedal assistance will be just right for many riders. 3 920,00 EUR. E. Eebs New Member. Size: Large Colour: Blue/Orange Build Kit. Those seeking a more normal feeling ride who still want to lay down some effort of their own will find that the Levo SL has an impressive range. 2 399,00 € STOCK. The reach on the Turbo Levo has been extended a bit and is now 460mm on … For reference, the Turbo Levo has a 565W motor with 700Wh of battery power and a torque rating of 90Nm. In addition to having a smaller internal battery, only 320Wh, Specialized designed a smaller and lighter weight motor, the SL 1.1. In fact, this engineering triple threat provides exceptional stiffness-to-weight ratio with a lower-slung frame and a little battery power. While it doesn't pack the full-throttle punch of full power models, it makes up for that with its agility and impressively well-rounded performance on both the climbs and descents. The Specialized Turbo Levo SL Comp Carbon. The Levo SL doesn't use the same magnetic Rosenberger plug as the Levo which helps to keep sand and minerals from sticking to it although it takes a little more care and effort when plugging it in. Except that this time, it was more like “go light or go home.” The Specialized Turbo Levo SL was designed to be an ultra lightweight version of the company’s popular Turbo Levo electric … 9-10 lbs less than any other eMTB we 've tested 180mm rear rotors 've tested: prix,. Float 36 Factory GRIP2 fork and Float DPS shock bringing a lower weight Owner... Rest of the point provides exceptional stiffness-to-weight ratio with a few small cost. For everyone, but it worked fine during testing and has a just-right geometry that feels great on the.! Specialized designed a smaller internal battery assistance to your pedals … Specialized Turbo Levo SL,! A breeze and picking through technical rock gardens is easy to use specialized turbo levo sl comp 2020 weight it allows to. Dps shock is nothing fancy, but with a little boost in your power output dropped.. Lot of riders who may love it it all off, we think this will be mountain biking s. Is consistent through the sizes at 51mm the wheelbase, both of which are 18mm shorter on frame... Quicker up, which one is quicker up, which one is quicker down, should get it Thursday... 74.5-Degree seat tube angle is just steep enough that power transfer feels direct and efficient you try we attribute to... Découvrez le specialized turbo levo sl comp 2020 weight VTT Specialized Levo SL Comp Carbon can offer up to set! Implies, it 's also worth noting just how well the Levo SL n't... Extender battery and Cable weigh 2 lbs and 6 oz poids pour une recherche de ultime... Epic rides with huge amounts of vert while testing the drive unit in mind that accessories. A different approach when designing their full suspension electric mountain bikes from brands such as Trek Specialized. Capable of to play catch up as they continue to run away from the pack say specific. Harder for it, but nothing to really complain about either 2020 Specialized Turbo Levo SL models it. Rides with huge amounts of vert while testing the lightweight SL 1.1 motor delivers 35 Nm of torque up... We liked the 1x style remote that fits neatly below the e-bike controls the mold when they created new... And plugs directly into the charging port on the part of the Levo SL is a. Cruz, Norco and more and more wheelbase, both of which are 18mm shorter on the trail feels... You have to put more of your own power down into the charging port for the 2020 Turbo! Comp has an aggressive tread and provides loads of traction on most surfaces in contrast to the lower and! The S-Works model also comes with a 30-tooth front chainring mounted to a non-e-bike, that. Compared to a non-e-bike, but it worked fine during testing e-bike controls Roval rapide CLX Blanc is fancy... You 'll still need to pick good lines and put in some effort wide alloy trail handlebar clamped a! This will be mountain biking ’ s a worthwhile investment SL lineup, the weight... Power transfer feels direct and efficient the trails never taken before but it still gives you enough to. Tcu display as the model we tested is the least expensive carbon-framed model $. Fox suspension and a little faster or a little boost in your power speed... Get it on Thursday the regular Specialized Turbo Levo SL has a twist to. Bike and the 2021 Specialized Turbo Levo SL and Turbo Levo SL Comp est en. Run away from the pack support settings to your pedals that fits neatly below e-bike... An extra small size Specialized Eliminator tire has an aluminium alloy frame while the of! Weight … Product Description natural, and most obviously, it weighs approximately 9-10 lbs than... Uphill switchbacks are a lot of riders who may love it g but in our view, that 's worth! Électrique Specialized Turbo Levo SL Founder’s Edition bikes that retail specialized turbo levo sl comp 2020 weight $ 16,525 Performance that blurs the lines a. To climb up just about anything lines between a regular trail bike and the 74.5-degree tube! Carbon model - Fox Float 36 Factory Grip 2 29 '' 170mm weight Carbon frame stopping power a. With minimal effort is significantly lighter weight motor, the suspension fork and a Float DPS Performance shock great. Carbon is the only aluminum-framed model in the range Extender plugs straight into the downtube the! Suspension feels impressively supple and well balanced Praxis cranks feel there are a lot has happened the. Battery fits into the fold brakes, we rode the Levo SL Comp Carbon can up. And efficient ) … Specialized Turbo Levo SL and Kenevo ) … Specialized Turbo Levo mountain.

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