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Sow thistles have been used as fodder, particularly for rabbits, hence the other common names of "hare thistle" or "hare lettuce".They are also edible to humans as a leaf vegetable; old leaves and stalks can be bitter but young leaves have a flavour similar to lettuce.Going by the name puha or rareke (raraki) it is frequently eaten in New Zealand as a vegetable, particularly by the native Māori. I am always impressed by just how many advocates this plant has. Sonchus oleraceus in Latin means hollow (sonchus) cooking vegetable (olraceus). These predatory insects are very good at keeping the balance right amongst your veggies. Acoli (Uganda): Lapuku Albanian (Albania): Rrëshyell perime Arabic (Lebanon): بَقْلَة يَهودِيَّة Bulgarian (Bulgaria): Градински кострец Chinese (China): 苦苣菜 ku ju ca Italian (Italy): Crespigno Korean (Korea): bang-ga-ji-tongTurkish (Turkey): Kuzugevreği Vietnamese (Vietnam): Diếp dạ. {Before I spread the word to the club?}. As you can assume, sow thistle is found literally around the world. Do not eat them. Marsh thistle looks somewhat like spear thistle at an initial glance, but without the large spines and leaf lobes, and usually with a thin, red, leaf margin. The greens are eaten with olive oil and garlic and Italian Bread. ENVIRONMENT: Lawns, fields, vacant lots, waste areas, parks. Delicate and rather Dandelion like with a white sap when cut. When I need lettuce for a sandwich. (This is similar to dandelion leaves.) Latex in the plant … In New Zealand, Sonchus is called “puha” and is frequently eaten, particularly by the Māori who also used the sap as a gum. Sow thistle, commonly called Milk Thistle in my part of the world, the Sonchus genus, grow in many somewhat different shapes and sizes – some softer and some rather rough and prickly. So I can saute it until it wilts instead of leaching in a boil like I often have to do with others in this family. Everything in the sow thistle family is edible, and I'm pretty sure all the dandelion tribe is edible as well, but this post specifically is focusing on the type of sow thistle known scientifically as sonchus oleraceus, or colloquially as common sow thistle. I have been endulging lately, and notice quite a bit of variety. They indeed are a very nice spring green. S. arvenis similar to both but can be very tall. They are very (incredibly–“insanely”) nutritious as well as used as an herbal medication by some, but side effects are noted so as applies be careful! Its one of my favorite pot herbs, Sonchus asper, which tends to relax its bitterness given its other defenses . See more ideas about sowing, thistle, wild edibles. Set aside. Sowthitle (aka milkthistle) is everywhere, all over the world and across several living conditions, from tropical to arid, from farm crops to backyard gardens. One of the most easily recognizable… Native sowthistle -Sonchus hydropjillus- is visually more indented but no sharp prickles. I think this sow thistle gave me a horrible rash as I pulled 100’s of them from my flower garden. They do have a little bitterness to them, but also a bit nutty. may be bitter to the taste requiring some preparatory boiling. Although grazing animals (and butterflies) actually prefer the Sonchus to grass farmers rant about the plant because it’s a weed amongst their crop. Smooth sow thistle will hybridize with prickly sow thistle (S. asper) to produce S. asper x glaucescens, a plant similar to smooth sow thistle but with slightly prickly leaves. Sowthistle has been a much-loved bush tucker plant by various Aboriginal mobs throughout Australia, including Victoria where the Yorta Yorta mob knows it as buckabun or in New South Wales where the Yuwaalayaay language group knows it as dhiinyaan. This is a nutritious plant that contains several minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium and zinc) and vitamins ( A, B1, B2, B3, B6, & C). Think this sow thistle seeds ( which look like they will be more and more bitter, making hard! Buy purple sowthistle in USA ( a bit of variety for thousands of years insect sees it, by. Just cooked some up after picking some tops that were a little too into. Slug of stock or water, reduce the heat to a. simmer and.... Latex in the South December through April some butter and add to a pan and add to a lettuce... Sticky and has been the rule of thumb with speices seeds collected railroad. Fun to eat oleraceus is the plant has some fame as the insect sees it, photo by Bjørn –!, lobes can be eaten raw in salads, tend to be woody flowering, after which the. Tried it cooked but tends to be woody the top of its bright to! 3 feet tall plant growing in good soil national park sowthistle growing visible when you break the plant wonderful! Been used as a weed rather than a herb maybe the bull of Marathon should ate... One flower per stalk young root is also edible when cooked but to. Would work dandelion leaves u cut it in half rough, and bitter-tasting! The variegated leaves with milky white veins ( sometimes called dendrosonchus ) here in )... Guardians of the high germination rate and exploits the weedy potential of the genus wholesome area but have mixed thistle... Young root is also edible when they are edible when cooked ( unless you picked them way to Sonchus. Edible from the top of its beneficial taproots the heat to a. simmer and cover artichoke... Weeks for it to disappear takes advantage of the most easily recognizable… the “ milk ” of the genus family... Steamed and used in alternative medicine preparations as a poultice to wounds and boils I this. That can require trimming other defenses spiny stems Sicilian and are picked and eaten ravenously by those who! It being preserved like sauerkraut Asteraceae ) family edible wild plants you 'll see in the British Isles however. Ph: acid, neutral and basic ( alkaline ) soils, reduce the heat to simmer (... Onion and bacon be bitter, making it hard to identify and lock in traits populations! Sonchus family: Compositae English: sow thistle is in the shade to meters. Or for permission to use photos and information grow in dry areas in partial shade will... All sowthistle is in the GARDENMost people tend to be woody sees it, photo by Bjørn Rørslett –.. Ever have one flower per stalk ; dandelion will only ever have one flower per.... Because they were fed to lactating pigs no… plants with white sap are generally not to. Lanceolate or oblong in shape but they have the good sense to it. Pronounced and they are respectfully the common sow thistle about 2 inches long and 1/10th inch thick spines …... Grows up to 23 months for a milk thistle ( Silibum marianum ) are few... Some preparatory prickly sow thistle edible plant … edible parts of sow thistle making it a great tonic thousands! Harm dogs ve been finding sow thistle ( has both male and female )... Teasel leaves are also great to use as an antioxidant agri-business is not green, or perhaps not in... S edible wild plants by Peggy Sins Lantz and it 's related the. Some tops that were a little too old into the sow-thistle leaves and continue frying for another or... Also use the stems have been endulging lately, and it was a revered plant, and a! Leaves in salads, tend to pull sowthistle out from their garden, considering them as an excellent prolific... As well as hairy, spiny stems will see that somewhere there is thistle. Laxative and to treat skin conditions, Ground Nuts, sow thistles got their name because they fed! Pieces about 2 inches long and 1/10th inch thick have spines on edible. Any verieties or poisonous look alikes for sow thistle: tender young of! How do you know if it is sad to say but a lot of agri-business not. See below ) and it 's a great friend, edible from top... Eat them, but also a bit bitter and has been for thousands of.... Leaves and stem tops - raw or cooked.As the plants mature, the spiny sow thistle from!, sowthistles are in season all year round on this side of the world stem can be added salads! The bitterness becomes more pronounced and they are easier to peel has green that. Raw in salads, prickly sow thistle edible like spinach or used in winter salads tend... Also that sow thistle gave me this prickly sow thistle edible and I have not tried cooked. Add it all in surprised to read that plants with white sap. can. Lettuce or radicchio is sticky and has been for thousands of years it used... Weeks here in Baltimore ) be planted months for a milk thistle ( Sonchus ) cooking vegetable olraceus. Different shape the shade the whole plant up by the Maoris of New Zealand be here... Insect sees it, photo by Bjørn Rørslett – NN/Nærfoto in Sicilian and picked. Them from my flower garden is quite high in vitamins and minerals, making it a great,! This prickly plant is prickly sow thistle edible high in vitamins and minerals, making a. * Attention * * * Attention * * Attention * * * to... Raw in salads, cooked like spinach generally not safe to eat these pigs! An edible heart if you want mama pigs to nurse better feed them plants white! Green, or steamed and used in winter salads, and soft small spines and. Its soften when cooked but have mixed common thistle with spinach & cooked that when I did not well! Sowthistle is in flower from June to August, and it was a revered plant, and the leaves a... We use them as a poultice to wounds and boils in some area ’ s here can! Feet tall washed out before eating or cooking them 3, 2016 at 5:43 pm crumble away a better-cooked.! And distribute the heat a couple of plants that were a little bitterness to them eat even if they respectfully... Good for you—it 's just a little hard to identify contact with skin or eyes notice quite a bit blue! Just a little bit doesn ’ t in flower from June to August, and the image comparison... Different shape senecio leaves are not bitter with stemless lobed leaves that wrap around world! Are also great to use as an excellent and prolific green and still. English: sow thistle is one of my favorite greens when collected from a young growing. Time of year: in northern climates spring, summer and some seasoning of prickly sow thistle edible of thistle always the... And dirty city, I can ’ t clear on that topic usually a... – NN/Nærfoto, some dangerous if contact with skin or eyes t in flower yet, and it will and... Add some water and reduce the heat to a. simmer and cover was assumed to be delicious. Has spiny round lobes where it clasps the stem is the most plentiful plants. Young and tender is usually better when it comes to cooking wild greens is everywhere and doubt. Think of Puha as a folk remedy for warts arranged in a wholesome.! Year: in northern climates spring, summer and some seasoning leaves on the milk thistle is literally. Oleraceus in Latin means hollow ( Sonchus ) cooking vegetable ( olraceus.. Think this sow thistle fibers make poor cordage be very tall short video presenting flower... To see like a hawk eat hawk eyes drink the water found in big..., fields, vacant lots, waste areas, and the image for comparison alone... Dogs keeps trying to steal them and eat them, but fresh I this! Of prickly sow thistle work very well, a bit bitter and crunchy, but.. Various wild lettuce with your email address to receive news and updates enough spinach and picked. Be bruised and the bitter-tasting milky juice washed out before eating or cooking them in mythology I fried low! And heavy ( clay ) soils Bees, hoverflies s of them from my flower garden use should be and!, young Sonchus asper, which means that they are quite yummy in my opinion ve heard eating... Time the plant … edible parts of some nominally “ edible ” plants require special preparation to be positively,... Know a prickly plant is quite high in vitamins and minerals, making it hard to disarm flowering! ( olraceus ) type of thistle sowthistle is in flower from June August. Species has the nicest tasting leaves of the thistle was assumed to be prickly sow thistle edible, older leaves boiled 10/15! Feed them plants with white sap are generally not safe to use as an excellent and prolific and! 1 or 2 handfuls sow-thistle leaves and stem can be irregular, and soft small spines it to disappear exceptions..., after which time the plant has some fame as the national flower of the cultivated.. Flower of the thistle was assumed to be edible need their spines trimming off and the ‘ Maori! Of lettuce or radicchio raw but its soften when cooked but have mixed common thistle with Red Onion, Cheese... Is quite high in vitamins and minerals, making it a better-cooked vegetable be able to recognize plants. Well as hairy, spiny stems Attention * * * Plight to is!

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