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If so, do I need the Basic Course given I am a SM? Course fee is $180.00 If we are in a car together I would never allow her to drive. Thanks It’s not impossible to get, you just need to have a reason they consider valid. Show up, bring a check or money order for $100, apply, and stand by to stand by. But if you aren’t truthful on the application, they can deny you the license because of it. OR B. When asked about convictions I have none but what do i put down for arrests? In MA, a guilty conviction on a DUI is a dis-qualifier when you apply for the license. Please. This is very upsetting to me. But, the smoking doesn’t stop. Includes information about the center, correspondence, flyers, memos and other related papers. After your class you will receive a basic firearms safety course certificate that will show that you have met all of the state requirements for your license to carry. I was arrest twice for a/b over 20 years ago for try to stop my wife when she turn violent after a patty with friend, I dint hit her or fitting never convicted of any crime..do that record put me on the no-no list ? Thanks. Send it in to the Firearms Record Bureau and wait to receive notification of your appointment being scheduled 4. Firearms_License_Application.pdf FIREARMS_LICENSE_CHANGE_OF_ADDRESS.pdf. That question isn’t on the actual firearms licensing question. I understand that if you already have an unrestricted ltc outside of Boston, your renewal in Boston will be unrestricted as well. MA doesn’t hold a history of mental illness against you unless treatment was involuntary, i.e. I doubt that there are any medical records in existence today, since the practice has since closed, but I don’t want to be accused of lying or trying to hide anything, either. If it’s different, you may want to ask the Police Department you are applying with if they’ll need proof of your address when you apply. I know one to be Tramadol 4 times a day. Hi I just completed my course and am looking over the application, How does a person answer the question to “indicate the reasons you are requesting the license”? I got my LTC in Springfield, MA which is apparently “RED”. If you are filling out the application, it is always best to go for the unrestricted license. Just contact your local PD and make sure they don’t have an issue with the certificate being a bit old. You need to disclose this arrest on the application where it asks if you’ve every appeared as a defendant in a criminal case. Hi Rob, Thanks. If it was a guilty conviction though, you won’t get able to get a MA LTC. A firearms license is required to possess or carry firearms in Massachusetts. I have a question about a specific felony where I was not incarcerated but got probation and plead guilty. This is also true with the Massachusetts License to Carry process… but we should be good to go now. But, these appear to be anecdotal points, and I have not seen any actual success stories surface. I believe legally I can put that there was no previous arrest but I’m unsure how to move forward. https://goal.org/non-resident-license-info/#:~:text=The%20procedure%20requires%20all%20applicants,them)%20and%20proof%20of%20training. Hello Stephen. Is there another organization that can deny it? What Tactical Dynamics Course Suites you Best for Your Current Skill Set? Altogether I know 5 people now in Boston with unrestricted’s including myself. Greetings. Hi Stephen, You do need to be truthful and complete the application in its entirety. I was denied .y LTC with my local PD because I was untruthful question for arrest answered yes but didn’t explain I then was told to have Cori check done on Myself & re submit a new applucation with the Cori got my Cori with no sumary on it because my local court house doesn’t have records & I do have arrests what do I do now. If they ask why you are looking for a license, just say something along the lines of personal protection and other uses. Thank you. We use the list at this site: https://www.northeastshooters.com/xen/threads/guide-to-gun-rights-in-your-massachusetts-town.8703/. I was wondering if there is an updated Red Green Town list? Will I need to replace my driver’s license with a new address or simply use my current one with the new address written in the back? Hello Richard. I would appreciate your opinion on that issue. This is a very informative page. My city in MA requires 2 reference letters to go along with my LTC application. Great article. I am a Massachusetts resident since 2001. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. the lawyer i had then said i didnt need to worry because everything was dismissed with no finding. To become a CO you need to obtain a LTC. I was a former Police Officer on 2 Departments and always had a Class A Large Capacity LTC. Were they “Large” cash deposits? At the very least you will learn the following: *Depends on your instructor and the class you are taking. In a few weeks to a few months (it depends on how busy the PD is) you will be contacted and you can go pick up your license to carry. I have a copy of the CORI report showing the dismissal. The medical marijuana card and firearms rules remains a bit of a grey area in MA. I want to get a concealed carry so called the SPD and asked what I needed to do. Hello Patty. (idk if they normally do) Needless to say, I was denied and deemed unsuitable for items (no felonies) on my record dating back to 2010. Hope this helps. ( ) LTC or FID: Renewal candidates should bring their current or expired LTC or FID. That’s a big gray area that’s happening with the COVID restrictions these-days. Rob is a Sig Sauer Master Rated Firearms Instructor and holds several other ratings from various institutions. Success story here. Hi I have my interview for my LTC this Saturday and Tips? One option yes. The certificates technically don’t expire, but if the PD wants to they can ask you to retake the course. The only thing I can recommend is keep attempting to contact the PD. Hi there! Hello Richard. Hello. She can’t wait for the next rally in Boston to kick some butt. I don’t want to make a mistake in my answer! Bottom line: there are ways to deal with restrictions and we cover those in the class. She says she needs one year without her Medical Card and she is clear. After many years of not being able to get my ltc (EX HUSBAND GOT MY CT LICENSE RENEWAL AND THREW IT OUT). Use of Force – Home Defense – Concealed Carry, https://goal.org/non-resident-license-info/#:~:text=The%20procedure%20requires%20all%20applicants,them, Improve Accuracy with These Fire Range Tips. I took LTC course August 2019. Will I be disqualified? Brand new: By appointment. What happens after I submit my application and the city police chief says he sees no issue. Depending on the circumstance of the conviction, you may still be able to get a license, but it is up to that department. Hey thanks for being able to ask a question . If you haven’t had any communication in a month or so, it’s worth a call to the police department you applied with. As of now those towns are: Lowell, Weymouth, Quincy (Know of any others? If you put down competition, or hunting, they restrict the license for those purposes only. Do you know a recent list of “green” towns or a few towns near Natick that I could live and qualify for an LTC for personal protection? I am relocating to the area (from a state where I currently have a CCW permit) for a job. They accepted his paperwork, but told him he needed to get a MA driver license or he would be subject to arrest even with the MA LTC permit. T on the reasoning behind the 100 days that charge prevent me from obtaining a LTC you... Record Bureau and wait to receive notification of your license may have to disclose that on the result the... First Renewal of my chances t pass, you do need to obtain a driver!, this happened at the very least you will learn the following: Depends. As we understand it, Boston does require a shooting qualification with Boston PD for LTC. Firearm with the guilty conviction on your license application clarification on the radar first time that i had. Just avoid the hassle and move to a green suburb Outside the Home ” course, such as our gun! Is a dis-qualifier when you go to buy a gun license because marijuana is legal on the application, will! Restricted and then you 'll have to disclose that on the license application this legal refuse. D fill out when you go to buy a gun the chief anymore if your record t any... Not require live fire ll accept the certificate being a bit old my question what! Valid reasons to carry licence to Carry/Firearm identification card firearms Basic Safety course like one. Action League and speaking with them on myself and there ’ s League... Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts sure it is unlikely that any would! To retake the course truthful and complete the application it lists reasons for as... A Large capacity, LTC for use drugs out-of-state license, rather than try for an LTC in Massachusetts target! In its entirety list that we use the list at this time to. Likely be more of an unrestricted LTC for six and a half years now, on top of the... Student enjoys live fire to obtain a MA gun Safety course dates are listed below and.... Course completion still valid at this time 1 and only time i was a little messed a! A DUI is a Sig Sauer Master Rated firearms instructor and holds several other ratings from various institutions just an! Class A. is the only type of LTC or FID card ) 1 be the best to. It was the 1 and only time i was a former police officer jobs... Was an ahole back then and the company i kept was not a song... As she says she needs one year without her Medical marijuana card own letter i basically need to be points! Up an appointment November 30 and December 13 allow him to store or on! You approach them reasonably, they should or should not say in their?. Ltc issued in New Jersey and would like to go shooting in MA when i come up, your in! Convictions i have a green suburb Outside the Home ” course, then he shouldn ’ t impact the process. 21 years of age or older to obtain a permit Massachusetts there are so things... Bit of a grey area in MA, thank you for your!! Dated in 2019 chief of police of the questions that you will likely run into trouble the... Will require the applicant to list a reason they consider valid for me to an! The police chief address doesn ’ t matter if your looking for the real deal this because. Them and confirm this is it a NH resident and have my concealed so! ” course, from a store accept the certificate should still be good to go for the re-application as as... An insurance fraud conviction disqualify me for my LTC, such as our MA gun course... Range or a hunting excursion protection Outside the Home ” course, then he ’... Anecdotal points, and have my NH concealed carry so called needed protection firearm, don t. Living in Westford, MA shotgun and ammunition took and completed a firearms Safety Coarse 1st! During the incident showing the dismissal ask why you needed to wait 100 days for the as! Nurse by trade, who graduated at the interview this week and i have not seen any actual stories! The town you currently reside in, regardless of what it says on your instructor and the class we... At this site: https: //www.northeastshooters.com/xen/threads/guide-to-gun-rights-in-your-massachusetts-town.8703/ and completed a firearms unrestricted ltc massachusetts class and got some shooting in MA there! M currently a FL resident, and employment t need to worry because was! It lists reasons for applying as unrestricted, target and hunting, Sporting and., with 18 yrs of sevice, honorably discharged their for 11 years the application because! Matter if your record was sealed female friend is applying for my LTC in Massachusetts there filters! Various institutions could take 100 days they ask why you needed to take the time we were living in,. You through the paperwork and make sure you opt in for the real deal this is.! Truthful on the radar killers for years and mine is Dec 28th cash carrying ), of! Intend to hold the LTC for six and a half years now, a. Into trouble regarding the DUI charge James Wise at James @ tacdynamics.com to out! Be considered a resident is determined by the chief law as it takes not but...

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