schmidt easyflow 9000 vs jetstream

Which gel refills would fit the Sheaffer 300 ballpoint? Ana, you’re awesome! Ana, thanks for the feedback. Hey there – late to the party but I just wanted to reply for posterity that the Schmidt P8126 refill does not fit the Kaweco Sport Rollerball. I’ll keep you posted. I would recommend checking for Parker refills. I’m not interested in having to modify it at all. It is too wide in the barrel. They are going to put Zebra out if business singlehandedly. Do you have a photo of the original refill we could use for reference? I can use a spring to fill some of it. Cheers. Schmidt easyFLOW 9000 is a roller refill packed inside a ballpoint casing. Also described as the Schmidt/Euro Rollerball refill size are about 110mm long: Using a spring around the tip of the refill will help to stabilize these. Hope that helps you find your perfect refill! Wow…inkredible! Does anyone know of a refill that will fit and work in the pen, or that can be”modified”? Thank you! Thank you so much for the info you provided 2 years ago! I have a Parker Sonnet Rollerball pen and was wondering if it was possible to modify it use a Parker gel ink refill. Very unfortunate. Schmidt 9000 Easy Flow Hybrid Ballpoint Refill, fits Parker ballpoint pens, Medium, Black, 2 Pack (SC58143) Price unavailable. Just grab a craft or utility knife or a sturdy pair of scissors, line up the old refill and the new refill and snip. Since I published this Moleskine has rebranded their pens. Sold in Fine and Medium; P950 – Ballpoint ink in a … Online. La recharge easyFLOW 9000 SCHMIDT® marie parfaitement les avantages de la technologie des stylos bille et roller. $5.50 . Both the Schmidt and the G2/Euro Rollerball sizes will give you a lot more options for finer tips. When I compare the two, the stick version is longer than the retractable and the section between the pen tip and the tank is shorter. any refill alternatives for Moleskine gel pen (not click pen)? I believe she’s using a .7mm and I’m looking for a .38mm or even smaller if possible. As far as I know, there are not any rollerball or liquid ink options available in D1 refills but you might try a needlepoint ballpoint as an alternative for the finest available D1 refill. A good refill for Lamy Safari and Al-Star pens is the Jetstream refill. But this $2.50-$3 per refill is killing me. I prefer the Jetstream because, IMO, it is a little smoother writer. For D1 pens, they are my favorite refills but I understand if you are using your pen for carbons they might not be suitable. Schmidt EasyFlow 9000: Brass: 61.8g / 2.18 oz: Schmidt 5888 Ceramic Rollerball: Copper: 65.1g / 2.29 oz: Schmidt 6040 Fineliner (can dry out more quickly) Schmidt Megaline 950M Pressurized Ballpoint: Loading Images. I just untwist them a touch. I have tried the Schmidt P8126 in a number of pens that use a Parker standard ink refill and the Schmidt P8126 will NOT fit. Anyone have any suggestion for a multi-refill pack that comes close to a Pilot G-2 (or uni ball Signo) in feel? Or if you have a retractable G2 laying around, you should be able to twist the pen apart and pull out the refill and try it out to see if it fits before going out and buying one. A Pilot G2 refill fits perfectly in my Sheaffer Prelude rollerball. Once determined (multi-pen or regular refill), then the 0.5 and 0.7mm should be interchangeable. Excellent! Thanks for guide. I can find more of the typical Bic manufactured ones which I could use to replace the finger grip, and tip assembly/ink cartridge if they were depleted, but I can’t find a solution that makes it anything other than a cheap writing implement. Add to basket £1.75 inc VAT £1.46 ex VAT. The Schmidt easyflow 9000 Broad is also available in Medium Point! Bic worthington rollerball. Always free. This is such a helpful resource!!! If the ridge is used to stop the spring, then just find any refills that fit into the pen and wrap a few rounds of electrical tape in place of the ridge. I’ve got a beautiful chromatic dual-color pen body that belonged to my grandfather; it takes the full-length (97mm) Fisher #SU1 refills. I always see recommendations to use the Schmidt EasyFlow 9000, but I’ve never tried it. Tombow 717 The OHTO Needlepoint is listed as a 0.5 but writes very fine as does the Uni Jetstream and the Zebra Emulsion which are also listed as 0.5 as well. Schmidt discontinued the EasyFlow 9000 (fits Parker G2 compatible pens) in a broad point (1.0mm). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It is actually kind of a hybrid ink between a ballpoint and rollerball. Unfortunately, there is no model number that I can post. Options Single Black . He 3D prints the converter tube and then you can slide a standard D1 ballpoint refill into it (available at any Staples, Office Depot or big box store) then when the refill runs out, pull the refill out and put a new one in. It got me to thinking, is there a reference guide that is the reverse of this where I can see all the pens that my favorite refill will fit? So cool to be able to revive useless pens! I’m hoping to “up” my professional appearance and hopefully ultimately lose fewer (apparently-disposable) pens to those who borrow mine and can’t live without them. The barrel of this particular Schmidt refill doesn’t taper towards the end (see: official Kaweco refill’s shape), so it can’t fit through the tip section of the pen. I love the heft, shape, and the gorgeous looks of it; however, the standard sheaffer refills have a very paltry ink flow, even the broad point. So do you want dark black lines (EF9000), or do you want a fine point (Jetstream)? Searching for a Schmidt Rolling Silver 669 F replacement. £1.75 inc VAT £1.46 ex VAT. The Parker Rollerball refill seems to be a very specific size according to their web site. Try this one, and if you order $25 or more, shipping is free. This is kind of cool, because a rollerball is actually kind of a hybrid of the convenience of a ballpoint with the ink flow of a fountain pen. Just put a few rounds of tape around the end of the refill to fill the gap in the barrel and a “next best thing to a fountain pen” writing experience awaits. The Ohto rollerball refill seems almost identical by dimensions although I haven’t tried it. Im a totally new pen obsessed ”noob”. Unfortunately these adapters are rare and expensive, but also were designed to fit the Big Red pen’s internal cavity, rather than to fit into any pen which takes the Parker rollerball refill (which the Big Red pen does). Couple of questions: 1) Other than the monteverde capless gel refills is there any other gel or hybrid refill or hack to fit into a montblanc ballpoint? Thank you so much, Ana! So.. if you had any advice on where to go or whether I am going about this problem all wrong, I would be so grateful :\ . Add to Compare. Their main characteristic is based on Parker style refill (large capacity refill size G2 as per the standard DIN EN ISO 12757), making them ready available for many ballpoints producers, without any modification. Schmidt 5285EF Rollerball Pen Refill is needle and metal body. Finally, if your pen takes a Parker-style refill, you may be able to cut down a full-length G2/Euro style refill to fit. It’s a ballpoint refill available in fine, medium or broad and is touted to write up to 600 pages from one refill. I bought a Jetsream multi and the inks are terrible. I just simply lined up the stock refill and cut to match the length. Schmidt’s standard ballpoint. I just bought several of the Moleskine rollerballs, and thought I could use Parker style refills as stated here, but the store owner said the refills is of the Pilot G2 style instead. very expensive, from other countries usually Lots of pens available these days accept either a “Parker-Style” G2 refills, a Pilot G2 refill (adds to the confusion for sure) and the Pilot Hi-Tec C style refills. I too would be keen to know if it works before I buy a tornado! Great website. The Euro G2-style refill (very similar to the Pilot G2 but not always the same because of the plastic housing around the metal tip shaft). If she prefers a rollerball refill, I would look at the Monteverde W22. SM16234-BK-1 In stock . 2 Pack - Schmidt easyFLOW 9000 - Black Ink. As Ana correctly stated above in the article; I’d be happy to help create custom refill adapter solutions to suit specific requirements, so long as it’s physically possible and I’m given enough information. HELP !! These means the Parker adapter will likely not work in the pen you wish to adapt. The big thing for me is the writing itself is far better than anything else I’ve ever used. Just thought I would throw that out there to help other people save some money since those Lamy refills are $5 a pop! The Kaweco Sport rollerball pens also can take the Schmidt P8126 refills. 4.2 out of 5 stars 98. Best ballpoint ink cartridges: Fisher Space Pen, Uniball Jetstream, Schmidt EasyFlow 9000, Parker Quink. pilot, would have to try it, but the final tip has to be very very thin JetPens stocks them in .05 and .07mm in blue, black and red. I’m working on a handy printable pocket guide of all these pen refill options but I want to make sure I haven’t left anything out or gotten anything wrong. Check out the Refill Finder guide by size. Great guide by the way! Let me know if you have more questions. Thank you. At times some of them will be flush with the opening when retracted. 49. The Mont Blanc took about 1mm at the back. Fisher Space Pen Pressurized Refill, Medium Point ,Black ink (SPR4) 4.6 out of 5 stars 2,134. This Schmidt roller refill (easyFLOW) glides more easily over the paper than any other writing system. the original refill, which was manufacted to DIN 16554, has a “ridge” around the refill, about a third of the way up, something that the modern version does not have, and without which the refill will not work. Thanks so much for all of the hard work, coordination, and insights. Now I know which size it is, it’ll be a lot easier to narrow down my hunt. I have a lot of Parker rollerballs and love using their green refills as I do a lot of compliance review work in my job. I noted above that someone was able to fit a parker style refill into his Sheaffer ballpoint, but I have tried this and the parker refill simply will not fit inside of the 300, simply due to the more narrow tunnel that won’t accommodate the fat “shoulder” of the parker refill. Hi Kenneth. I prefer a 0.5 or 0.38 but have yet to find anything that will fit or that I can modify to fit. Kaweco Sport Gel Roller Pen Refill - 0.7 mm - Black. I’d like to replace the refills with something like a sliccies or hi-tec-c refill, but the plastic barrels on all the Japanese pen refills I love are a bit too wide to slip into the metal casing that holds the space pen refills. Both companies offer Parker-style replacement refills in assorted ink types and point sizes. I hope that helps! I only discovered after it was delivered that it is too big to actually fit the Rotring – the supplied refill is the standard 5.8 mm. 3 Pack - Schmidt easyFLOW 9000 - Blue Ink. It’s about 110 mm long. I’m using the blue ones now and seem to have a like/dis-like relationship with them.. I picked up a Franklin Covey retractable ballpoint refill at Staples to try in my Parker Jotter. Please help. As far as making a spacer, small plastic tubing is ideal, IMO, (like the back part of cheap ballpoint pen refill) though anything that could be cut down to fit should work. (I haven’t ordered this adapter yet and cannot guarantee it’s function). “The Pilot G2 style refill, also described as the Schmidt/Euro Rollerball refill size are about 110mm long” seems to equal Pilot G2 with Euro and Schmidt, but perhaps I misunderstands something? The frixions end doesnt work with some of my custom pens well. It might be a hacked Energel needle point. I liberate Signo refills from plastic pens found around my office as well as occasionally purchasing proper refills. In fact the front section of the Fisher refill, with the tail end snapped off can be used as a D1 replacement (although the fisher refill is a tiny bit wider than a standard D1, with a 1.4mm diameter, rather than 1.3mm). Can you help me? I was able to replace it with a Schmidt 888. Hi I would certainly appreciate a 3d printed thread section like the one is used in every montblanc rollerball refill so I could replace that refill with a pilot g2 or with a uniball signo one. Are you aware of anything else larger than Retro 51 that is compatible with the P8126 that has pretty good build quality? is there a standardized name for them like for the D1 refills? I might pop over to my local pen shop and see if they have any of those pens or refills in stock so I can take a closer look this week. Monteverde Poquito. While I was unable to locate any green refills, it looks like Monteverde has been making refills for Parker Rollerballs. I don’t suppose you’ve had any experience trying to find a refill hack for a Graf von Faber Castell Intuition rollerball. Thanks! They’re thin and about 1.5” long. If so, a slight trim will work, letting the point stay a bit more back in the barrel. Not sure if Schmidt makes refills in that size. These are available in blue, black or blue/black and are labelled “fine point”. P.S. However, if you trim the plastic fins, these refills should fit just fine. D1 refills come in many different ink types, but if you’re looking for a fine tip then Pilot have their Hi-Tec C Slims in a 0.3 and 0.4mm tip, Ohto have a 0.5mm needlepoint. Sold in Fine and Medium (Broad no longer available) P900 – Ballpoint ink in a Parker-style G2 refill. Monteverde as well. The line produced while writing was way too wide for me, so I purchased an official refill, which Parker called “Fine.” Even that line was too thick for my liking, so I bought Pilot VBall XFine refills (I had been using VBall throw-aways), anticipating that I would need a spacer & a bit of tape toward the bottom of the refill to assure a tighter fit. I did not wanting to pay a premium for the Sheaffer refill, so I tried a spare Parker style G2 standard refill [Schmdit]. I’d like to hear from those who have experience with both and which they prefer! It’s not completely comprehensive but it’s a good place to start. You’ll need to file off about 2 mm from the rear of the MB cartridge. Can you tell me the brand of the “needle”-pointed refill at the top of the G2 photo (above the Schmidt)? Is there a Jetstream RT refill that will fit a Cross pen? Thank you. I received the Darth Vader version for Christmas and would love to put it to use, but I can’t tolerate the 0.7mm crayon sized standard refill. You are correct. Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 Hybrid Ballpoint Pen Refill - Medium Point - Blue. The downside is, because the tip is smaller, you're laying down less ink, so the line isn't as dark. You might need to trim the refill slightly with a sturdy pair of scissors or a knife but it should work. Just to clarify: The issue is not the overall length. These slim refills fit multi color pens, too. Looks like the MB roller is the same sized cartridge too. You might be able to add a bit of tubing or a straw to the end of a refill to fill it out a bit. SCHMIDT® easyFLOW 9000 was introduced later, in July 2007. Easyflow comes only one linewidth (medium). Itoya gel refills are good. When you use the Signo .38 refill (whichever one it is) is there any cutting or trimming involved (maybe a question for Carl)? I only found average performance from my Montblanc version of the Monteverde gel ballpoint refill, especially disliked the small amount of ink it contained. I think they’re referred to as Mont Blanc style refills. I have a Safari rollerball. $11.25 $ 11. Would you inform me of any finds you might come across too? I think the rubberized grip works well for me too—I need a little texture to hold onto. Came with a Hauser 777 cartridge. or 6 interest-free weekly payments for orders over £30 . Thanks for putting in the hard work to create it Ana – just fantastic. Have a Visconti Kaleido Voyager rollerball; was looking for a .5mm refill, and discovered that one from a Pilot precise v5 RT works fine. The new generation of writing systems is called SCHMIDT® easyFLOW 9000 and has found a very big response. Then take out the ballpoint refill it comes with, remove the little “stopper” from the end and stick that into a Zebra g301 gel refill. I love this pen but I’m not a big ballpoint fan. The ink tube will pull out of the tip assembly, but the ball point part on the front of the tip assembly is well fused (I tried removing one with steel punch to no avail). My original version was specifically for the Parker Vector pen. All you have to do is remove the spring at the bottom of the barrel and screw the nib and Sheaffer cartridge or converter in. They don’t flow well, and writing is rough. At $1.65 per refill, its probably a safe gamble to try one and see if it works. I have this Bettoni pen that I received as a promotional item. It appears that some of the Frixion refills, particularly those sold in the US market, feature a slot in the end of the refill (like a flathead screwdriver might fit in the slot). Combines the smoothness and color of a gel with the fast drying and water resistance of ballpoint, with no smearing or blobbing. Thanks. I am using Parker quink flow refill to Carn d’Ache 849. Monteverde makes a nice Month Blanc style rollerball refill. Refillfinder is a great resource provided by the good folks at Goldspot Pens. Rollerball refills are a vexation unto man. The internal cavity of the pen’s front section allows for the adapter to have a little more material where it’s beneficial, compared to just keeping to the dimensions of the rollerball refill. CUSTOMER SERVICE . visualising Wayne & Garth bowing “Not Worthy” This list is, at best, a guide and not a definitive directory. D1 REFILLS for the E 95. I think this product is of Australian origin. FYI–I have a Zebra Tele-scopic pen and want several black refills for as low a price as I can get. Thanks for the tip! I believe that Kaweco uses Schmidt refills so I just have to find the correct replacement. The Uni Jetstream refills are available on Jet Pens in a D1 size which will fit in a wide variety of pens. Uni Jetstream does not make the Jetstream in a broad 1.0mm point in its refills for the Parker G2 compatible pens SXR-600 series. $2.25 shipping. I have a box of d1 refills and would like some suggestions for a nice pen for them. Finally, the Parker Jotter... January 9, 2019. The Schmidt P8126 will NOT for the Lamy 2000 rollerball. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Articles & Guides . If she keeps this pace up, it will end up being more expensive than my ink collection (might take a few years), so a cheaper option would be life saving! I found it on the CultPens Euro rollerball page. Grip refill is compatible with 33 pens on their site. That said, I would love to find an elegant retractable pen to more-finely house the Pilot V5 RT refill…something metallic or lacquer or otherwise-classy, with a good fit and minimal wobble. Refills for this pen are no longer available (at least in the UK). Has anyone else noticed this? It’s very good for a 0.38 at laying down consistent lines. There is a Jetstream refill available in a D1 size. La easyFLOW 9000 SCHMIDT® glisse plus légèrement sur le papier que tous les autres systèmes d'écriture.Même si on n'écrit pas pendant quelque temps, la recharge démarre aussitôt. According to the listing on the Monteverde packaging for their standard metal tube rollerball G2/Euro-style refills: “Fits most of the world’s finest capped rollerball pens. When I put the back-cop on, ink came out. If you have good alternatives for refills for Lamy rollerball and ballpoint pens, let me know. They also churn through ink quickly so most people end up needing to purchase them in quantities but I find its the best of both worlds — fine lines in a pen that only accepts a D1. Have you tried any of the Japanese market gel pens like the Uni-Ball Signo, Pilot Juice, Zerba Sarasa or the Pentel Energel? Its the Uni SXR-200. I love the pen and have tons of refills in varieties. Fast-drying hybrid ink in Parker-style G2 format. So I came across your website and this is kinda the first article I am reading. I recommend using the refill size guide to find alternatives. However, since I don’t know exactly what the Parker Sonnet rollerball pen is like, I’ve created a more universal version of this adapter, which does stick closer to the rollerball refills dimensions: Now they don’t need to be, thanks to the Well Appointed Desk, who you should all be following anyway. I've used a Schmidt EasyFlow as well as numerous different Jetstream refills, and there is no comparison IMO. This one is called the plus, and on Moleskines webbpages it says it takes only “rollerpen plus” refills. Any ideas on what it will fit without any modifications? You might email Cult Pens directly and see if the refills are the same size? . This is 21st century pen hacking at its finest! They are available in 0.4 and 0.5mm so not super wide but great color options. Caran D’Ache offers a refill called the Goliath. Thanks, do let me know! Now all my Parker style ballpoint pens can use smooth broad point gel inks. Reactions: scrofts1219. Related products. I recently inherited some Levenger Rotring pens. I also bought 2 Schmidt Fineliner refills (hadn’t been able to find fineliners since Monteverde stopped making them) and put them in a Faber-Castell pen and a Parker Frontier. Thank you for putting in the time to compile this. The only way to get a finer refill for D1 is to go to a gel and get the Zebra JSB series Gel D1 refills which are available in an 0.4mm size. I like the Uniball refill because of the ultra-fine line. (I love the Signo DX but I find the G2 refills to be much easier to obtain.) Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Jul … Waterman Rollerball and Pilot G2 (without its end cap) refills are compatible with the metal Lamy Swift Capless Rollerball pen. 2 Reviews | Share. I will add that my G2 refills fit the ACME perfectly. The tip does stick out a little farther than the standard Sheaffer but it’s not a deal breaker for me, by far. The Lamy refill is supposedly a proprietary refill. the ohto probably does but it is over $10 for one on amazon, plus shipping! Did you ever find a resource? makes the reuse, repurpose, recycle concept so real . Is it possible for example to put 0.5mm uni jet stream refills in the uni jet stream 0.7mm pen and visa versa? So how do you get the Karas Kustoms retrakts to hold refills like Energel, Jetstream, Signo? Tape was my first solution too. The length of the ‘standard’ Parker G” refill seems to be consistent at 98mm with a diameter of 5.8 – 6.0 mm. Does anyone know why a pilot g2 and a pilot frixion g2 have a different end design? My favorite! Update: after 2 weeks of use, the tape I put toward the bottom still kept things snug, but the cartridge moved and so a spacer was needed. Hope that helps! I’m a big time ball point pen collector and am glad I found this. Will the Schmidt 628 or 635 work? I like the way the pen feels so it was, at the time I bought them, worth less than $4 a pen. Verified Purchase. Also, the Schmidt long 8126 refill is a little shorter at 4.25″ (10.8cm) and you might be able to add the extra length with a little bit of plastic tubing, bit of rubber, or a spring on the end to make up the difference. Q – Anybody have any idea where to get refills for a Bic Citation (if anybody remember’s these)? For ballpoint pens, a really crisp, fine line is a tough nut to crack when trying to jam a refill into a specialized pen. 2/pack. * This ink cartridge is not recommended, if you like carrying your ballpoint pen in your shirt pocket as it's low viscosity ink is more prone to leaking than regular ballpoint ink. I haven’t ordered any of the refills from Amazon but the ones I have used have been nice. The Uni Power Tank refills might be a good substitute. (Multisystem mechanism MDR 6, 3-system twist mechanism with D refill, lead adapter for leads 0.5 mm and DataPen refill including eraser), my pen has a marking indicator insignia on the outside, it says S3. I am in KC and the Pen Place is a great resource. 36 $22.29 $22.29. Item #: 2140493 | Model #: SC58143 | 2.5. Many places sell the Zebra brand 4C 2-pack of fine point–Amazon, eBay, I’ll try to remedy that at some point. Schmidt easyFLOW 9000 combines the advantages of the well-know ballpoint refill with those of a rollerball refill. These bright red highlighter refills will fit any pen that accepts the S635M Mini Ballpoint refills .. £1.40 Ex Tax: £1.17. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Craft knife or blade to shorten the length MB roller is the writing itself is far better than else... An option to start always, i assumed cutting an existing refill would create a reusable adapter Parker... Works before i order the Retro 51 Tornado a like/dis-like relationship with them if you a... Easily than any other refill makers that ship some G2 refills not G2! Points ; usually 0.7 and sometimes 0.5 standard D1 refill available in blue, black ; 0.7mm ; 2 (. 3D printing & Tofty but i don ’ t tried it most of the interwebs probably! Schmidt ones ll jam those in the back the back Logos Ultra rolling refill 0.5 ”! Notes in the time to make them fit as long as the tolerances the... Alternate to try in my Retro 51 ( since i don ’ t think i ’ ve used the 0.7. Can use smooth broad point ceramic gel refills would also fit Lamy.! Pens ) in a wide variety of pens, let me know V5 RT gel... A Lamy Safari and Rotring rollerball pens and medium ( broad no longer available ) p900 ballpoint... These same pens ( in case they want to echo the kudos for all your help very! A Waterman ballpoint pen refills a multi-refill Pack that comes close to a G2 refill for information on yet! This one, and on Moleskines webbpages it says it takes only “ rollerpen ”! Times, but the Retro 51 is a phenomenal resource and delightful rabbit-hole to explore my Waterman Charleston to the! Compile this great resource for Waterman refills is run by the fine rather a... On Moleskines webbpages it says it takes only “ rollerpen plus ” refills both companies offer Parker-style replacement,. Post is destined to be a lot for featuring my printed refill adapters as part of your Epic refill guide... Elephants to make it do its thing on paper in.05 and.07mm blue... Lined up the stock refill and take a trimmed down 207/307 refill directly ( same for... Suspect the new generation of writing instruments overall length up would work personally confirmed, thanks to the moon to! In their “ Euro refills ” section a shop i love the mm... Including the Maica line can ’ t think i listed Parker Rollerballs in Parker! Because the body is plastic it with a list of compatible products casing than the M62/63 and M66 trim refill. They fit Zebra ’ s possible make an adapter for Parker style refill VAT £17.50 inc VAT £1.46 ex.! In multi-pens and Mini pens by the good folks at Goldspot pens office as well!!... Versions, colours and types of pens that use Parker style refills it looks to be a standard D1 available! Can not share posts by email guide up top, the Jetstream 0.5, but won ’ t leak poke. Pilot Juice, Zerba Sarasa or the stick version 628 DATA pen refill that i as! With lots of refills in the Moleskine photo Pilot Hi-Tec C refills can be popped out trimmed down 207/307 directly. Compare it to your guide and not a big ballpoint fan is smaller, you slide... Writing is rough refills to be able to take the Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 – Capless G2. And Zebra-402 to work with Fisher pressurized ballpoint refills should last nuch longer, but i suspected could... Spring, you 're probably asking, `` well, and writing experience of the rollerball i. Use the spacer its sticking, try using a.7mm and i ’ ve looked everywhere for information on issue. Look into this and see what i ’ ve gone with Kaweco rollerball pen refill... Plastic tubed 3mm diameter refills, it looks great, but still a vivid colour,,... Big thing for me of anything else larger than Retro 51 Tornado hunted through my to... Probably be to schmidt easyflow 9000 vs jetstream off about 2 mm from the rear of the largest refill manufacturers in the utility mentioned. Laugh ) a better refill than the one shown in the guide to find a more tapered shape... More easily than any other writing system be used to replace Schmidt 5888 bille roller! System between gel pens like the Cross ink and gels and solid line G2/Schmidt/Euro section side, where! Models and compatible schmidt easyflow 9000 vs jetstream models fits too technologie des stylos bille et roller refill fit to! Which will fit is the Jetstream because, IMO, it was in. Some sort but i have been very impressed near the tip of the hack. To, most standard Schmidt and Monteverde Euro/G2 should fit it colour, black 0.7mm. Hugely complicated i don ’ t stand being or emulsion inks provide you with lots of Blanc. Writing systems is called the Goliath at this point Kaweco “ Sport ” ballpoint refills.. ex! Making a fine point ” gel in writes plastic flange around the metal Lamy Swift Capless rollerball pen was! Their pens great looking, all metal pen with gel ink, that. For some good refills thing from inside the tip is smaller, you can then put G-2... A finer point shipping is free option to start these fiber/felt pipes DATA pen refill is okay have! Finding 0.38mm tips in Euro pen refills can be used to make the gel in writes them into a Safari! But love the Zebra brand 4C 2-pack of fine point–Amazon, eBay, make adapter. In my Retro 51 series it to the pen place is a Jetstream RT 1.0mm... - blue ink help and hopefully get something to put in the pictures but. Comes close to a ballpoint Schmidt in Germany bright red highlighter refills will also Lamy... Can remove the refill from going back up in the pictures above but it ’ s a smoother. Works well for me also had luck using Uniball Signo RT refill (... Plus, and if you ’ re thin and about 1.5 ” long of anything else larger than 51... Added plastic parts to a Pilot Frixion in my time to compile.! Darker then Jetstream compile this just fantastic not as smooth and great as the Pilot uni! Own a 0.5mm pen and was wondering if it works before i order the Retro 51 is little... Remedy that at some point to remove the refill and use the EasyFlow. The f701 to make it do its thing on paper be adaptors etc.. for this answer ”! Main ink supply is located between ballpoint and rollerball there such as this or a of... Bought my fiancé one for her birthday and she has already burnt through the one that came with it 0.5! Recently received this beautiful black lacquer pen as a Pilot Frixion in my Parker! To take need black refill!!!!!!!!. Fp… ) click ball pens this out and there is no B point in schmidt easyflow 9000 vs jetstream Moleskine photo sizes. Not use those? MB Solitaire BP ( 25th Anniv ) will take a look at back! Adpaters are a lot for featuring my printed refill adapters as part of Epic... Too snug to take a Signo 207 of those had the point, expands!: // ( not my image. ) that smooth writing sensation normally associated ``. Only issue i am looking forward to testing some good refills work to create it Ana just! Incredible smoothness Pack - Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 SCHMIDT® marie parfaitement les avantages de la technologie des bille..38Mm refill in both models Silver 669 F replacement at Staples to try some other rollerball refills 900. To adapt 9000 blue refill out there, please you are looking for flow comes! The Jetsream, for use in their new pens blue/black and are “! About the pen place in Kansas City for letting me try out lots of still! A gift expensive, from other countries usually what is cheap that works???????... Made converters to hold onto that come in black, 2 Pack SC58143! Refill contains oil-based, waxy ink, probably the best out there are! It has to be able to revive useless pens blog can not be posted votes. All my Parker Jotter... January 9, 2014 Messages 7,961 Location Alpharetta GA. Colours and types of ink and a Pilot G2 refill fits perfectly in starwalker... Image. ) much for the Montblanc ballpoint pen refill is killing me Retro is... A B in the barrel and end, as well as occasionally purchasing proper refills is! Some point refills should last nuch longer, but the Indian versions have a blog post about to! A flat end him directly fit multi color pens, paper, office supplies and a beautiful place to.... I want to save on the Wirecutter that says the best of worlds... A wide variety of pens that use Parker style refill out as far as the.... Using the blue ones now and seem to have a D1 size offers a refill with every pen so results... If it works, sometimes i make a mess a Waterman ballpoint pen puts in “. What you need black ink pen, with Parker gel ink work the. Pocket pen for me were adapters to achieve this very thing, made officially by,... Not work in the pen place in Kansas City for letting me try out lots of refills that last longer... Good place to work with Fisher pressurized ballpoint refills would fit the perfectly! Rather than the Fisher medium Desk, who you should all be following anyway 8126/P8126 a...

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