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Amazing Attributes:

  • Amazing FLAVOR
  • Amazing Nutritional Value
  • Amazing Versatility


Amazing Flavor:

The Amazing Elliot is the undisputed KING OF FLAVOR!  Packed with more oil than any other pecan, the Amazing Elliot is naturally sweet.  It doesn’t need to be coated with salt or rolled in sugar to be delicious.  The natural flavors of most other nuts are constantly being masked by additional ingredients.    Toasted and salted pistachios.  Honey roasted almonds.   The Amazing Elliot doesn’t need anything but itself.  We guarantee you’ve never tasted a fresh pecan like the Amazing Elliot.

Amazing Nutritional:

The Amazing Elliot is packed with ANTIOXIDANTS!  In fact, pecans are the nuts highest in antioxidants per serving.

Why are antioxidants so important?  Because they “clean up” and help neutralize free radicals floating around in your body.  These free radicals contribute directly to the aging process and horrible diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.  A diet rich in antioxidants is ideal in fighting off these diseases.

Amazing Versatility:

Not just for desserts or during holiday time, the Amazing Elliot can be enjoyed year-round as a healthy snack, as a topping for salads, as part of a main dish with your favorite protein and more. Elliots are versatile and our recipe library helps highlight all the many ways to enjoy the Elliot pecan.