Elliot Pecans are BetterMelanie Serrano

For over 125 years, our family has grown Georgia  pecans.  Every family has a favorite and ours is the Elliot variety.  The Elliot is known essay writer website i need an essay written for me as the pecan with a higher oil content than all other pecans and this concentration of oil gives the Elliot is signature, natural sweetness.  One handful of Elliots and you’ll understand the reputation.

     Pearson Farm is one of the few farms in the US that actually operates its own shelling facility.  This means we control every aspect of planting –

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growing – harvesting – cleaning – shelling.  We never blend in inferior varieties for the sake of profit;  our reputation essay writer website i need an essay written for me is built on FRESH and FLAVOR.  One taste of these Elliots and you’ll immediately understand the reasoning behind our passion.

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