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The nearby WWII invasion beaches are fascinating to see from the air, with the remains of some of the wartime structures still visible beneath the sea just off the beach. Only 10 minutes walk to town which offers plenty of hotels and restaurants. Typical French Club Airfield, nice people, excellent hotel in Domme, restaurant looks out over the Dordogne Valley. It seemed a friendly spot too. 2,3,4 and 5) with 12 aircraft each, which together with aircraft in L'Ile d'Yeu is a fascinating spot, with houses more reminiscent of the Mediterranean than the Atlantic. Not far to the south is the Dordogne river which you can follow down towards the coast. Hotel collected and returned us to airfield as part of the deal. The airfield itself is quite large with good facilities. April-June Check Navigeo for the contact details and call before you go. The 3rd Wing was established on 1 March 1915 and on 15 April the 5th Wing came into existence. The RFC expansion plan for stage of the war, aircraft production was able to keep pace with Convenient for touring the marshland and canals known as the Marais. This section records Capt. Smith's time with No 2 Squadron based at Merville then at Hesdigneul, France.This period was to mark the start of the German "Fokker scourge" and No 2 Squadron was involved in the early encounters.The diary is quoted verbatim. Park your aircraft and then just drink in the scenery. Town is very old and quite picturesque. (LFID). It's not far away and you can cross the sea at its narrowest point. Royal Flying Corps in France 1914-18, Map 08/31. One of the guys in the ops office trains wild birds to migrate along routes which do not get them shot! The town is a short taxi ride away and is definitely worth a visit, with its beautiful old port protected by castellated towers, fine stone buildings, a thriving market in the town centre and a wide range of shops including the likes of Galleries Lafayette. The facilities are good, though the GA parking area is slightly isolated from the terminal. (LFRD). Busy mid week with regional flights. Individual pilots joining the RFC in France reported to the Pilots’ Pool at St Omer pending allocation to a squadron. This WW1 history blog is based on Greg's log book and war diary This list is designed to pull all this together and save you having to follow the steps below First, You need to look at the official ports of entry It's a pretty and peaceful spot and has the big attraction of a very good restaurant which draws the locals by car as well as visitors by air. The The airfield also makes a good starting point for one of my favourite flights; the low-level VFR route that takes you east along the coast over the Camargue delta and on past Marseille towards Nice. Map of European aerodromes for general aviation pilots. Recent additions An American engined Vickers Gunbus in 1915 - the J W Smith Static Motor AM2 Charles Carter's photos of fellow drivers in the RFC and RAF 1918 (possibly MT Base Depot, Rouen, France). Deauville is a big local airfield within easy reach of the UK. Plenty of quite large aircraft have used it, but do study the airfield information carefully on their web site before you go. The airfield is excellent and uncrowded, has fuel and Customs on request. It also makes a good base for exploring the Alsace region. Hangarage can be arranged too through an English chap called Nick that the ATC people can put you in touch with. these losses. Clear customs at Pontoise. had peaked in March 1918  at over 4,000 aircraft. The list was compiled from informaion available in 1981. Luftwaffe Airfields 1935-45 A Abbeville-Drucat (FR) (a.k.a. Hence just sixty three departed for combat duties. 33 through deterioration Two former First World War airfields in the Northumberland area are to be lost to opencast mining, reports Dave Brown. Also boasts a 5 star hotel which is expensive but looks out over the Atlantic from a promontory at the North of town. Just a short taxi to beach area with good selection of restaurants. Unlike the more or less permanent air stations built in the United Kingdom, many airfields in mainland Europe were classified as landing grounds. Did not stay overnight but airport has everything you would need, restaurants, bars etc. In particular, I would be interested in any information regarding the RFC airfields at Bertangles,(pardon the pun), and Baulliel in Northern France Many thanks, Bert Angles Please Log in or Create an account to join the conversation. They are available through Amazon. (LFMW). It has fuel (cash only) and a modern clubhouse. You can also visit several fascinating wine cellars, walking past hundreds of yards of bottles stored in tunnels that run beneath the streets of the town. high level. Not far inland from Deauville is Bernay (LFPD) which is a charming and friendly grass field with an excellent restaurant at the airfield entrance. This is an old Luftwaffe fighter airfield (aren'’t they all?). Targets Beaune is another lovely old town which is surrounded by some rather uninspiring modern development. Bleriot monoplanes & Farmans (No 3 Sqn) and Farmans, Avro 504s Things do change over time of course, so always check for up-to-date information before setting off. RFC lost 1,000 aircraft in four weeks. Its distance from Narbonne makes that particular taxi ride a little expensive, but it's an interesting town and worth the trip in if you have a few hours to spare. Click on aerodrome marker to view info and download Visual approach and Aerodrome charts.Zoom to get larger amount of aerodromes in a particular area. I made a brief stop here in 2004 to meet up with another pilot who was, as it turned out, actually waiting at Lezignan! 1915-08-31. You can also hire bicycles in the terminal. When the RFC deployed to France in 1914 it comprised some four Squadrons (No.s 2,3,4 and 5) with 12 aircraft each, which together with aircraft in depots, gave … La Flèche Thorée les Pins Also not too far from Le Mans if you want a cheaper hotel for the racing! The facilities are good and it's well-placed for exploring the surrounding area. Chauvigny is a quiet gliding airfield close to the Vienne - a good stopover in mid France. Bagnoles de l'Orne Couterne Mar The aircraft were a mixture of BE2’s (No 2 & 4 Sqns), One of its slightly eccentric features is the resident flock of sheep and goats grazing on the grass areas of the airfield - if you're camping, you may get an unexpected guest or two. France. (LFRW). With a big runway and good facilities it makes a fine base not just for Carcassonne itself but the surrounding area too. But beach is good with bars along the waterfront, great place to watch the sun go down. — Anonymous Flyer at Sarlat Domme Airfield, France. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Superbru Fantasy Rugby Focus: Four to watch for in Round 2. It's close to Poitiers, but I find it a better stopping place when I'm flying a microlight since you don't need special permission to land one there whereas at the former you do. Montpellier itself is a taxi ride away and is certainly worth exploring. Scott Hansen also reports that they can now be quite insistent on good French. There is an active parachuting club at the field so call ahead first to find out what's going on, and don't blunder into the overhead without making any radio contact just before a drop as one (French) pilot did when I was there. (LFBZ). By September The other, and much closer, alternative is Narbonne airfield itself, but this is a rather smaller field with a grass runway only. Thus the British airfields were consecutively numbered with a B-prefix, from B.1 to B.174. News O’Gara: Every game’s nearly a knockout. The strip is grass and has quite a steep slope. Gaillac Lisle sur Tarn They are available through Amazon. enemy action. Airfield shared by very active parachute club. Town is industrial but has nice restaurants and Formula 1 and Kyriad hotels which are close to airfield and very good value. A little gem of an airstrip we 'discovered' by flying down the Dordogne from Bergerac. I stopped there one winter's afternoon and found a friendly club field with a nice hard runway and one or two interesting aircraft in the hanger. 2000' QNH airport. Châtellerault is a good place to use as a refuelling stop if you're flying through western France. Flight route planning tool for air tourism. If you want the read the write-ups you can click on the appropriate link from within the pop-up. Suddenly this pretty airstrip set about 1000' above the Dordogne rivet on top of an escarpment came into view and we just had to land there. Pilot training Perpignan itself is a city that offers an interesting combination of French and Spanish influences. There is also a reasonable restaurant and bar in the small terminal building. Cherbourg can be a good point of entry or departure if you're flying in the western part of France. One is next to the terminal and the other is across the road and is a beautiful place to stay and to eat. Montpezat / Saint-Exupéry is one for microlight pilots only. Over 50 of the RFC’s flying squadrons are recorded as having operated from the airfield, some only briefly, but others for extended periods – including 9 and 16 Squadron that were first formed at St Omer. As the Flying Corps grew, so did the number of wings. Nearby is Honfleur which is a charming little fishing village within (rather expensive) taxi range of the airfield. International airport, very helpful when we had an engine problem some years ago. Wind can go round 180 degrees in a short time. Very friendly place with good UK links, home of PARIS NORTH aero club, quite a few members speak good English. September 1915. Updates on the RFC/RAF Personnel List of those mentioned on this site. If there is nobody around then you need to go and knock on the door of the house at the end of the runway! (LFAT). It has fuel as long as you have cash. Like Le Mans, Albi is an airfield with a racing circuit around it, excellent facilities and an English-speaking controller. air force 246. The first of these First World War airfields which is being opencast is the former RFC/RAF Cramlington which was located near the current Aerodrome Corner, Fisher Lane, in Cramlington. photographs taken 19,000 Grass strip in the middle of nowhere with no one about, no facilities except a ‘closed’ clubhouse. Somme, July 1916, there were 27 Squadrons (12 pilots each) with 421 & BE8s (No 5 Sqn). "B26" Marauder bombers of the ninth US Air Force have been extremely active in operations based in Britain, since their arrival from the Middle East. The RFC squadrons in France were grouped under the newly established 1st Wing and the 2nd Wing. The town itself has a fine central square with a reasonable choice of bars and restaurants and makes a good base for exploring the many WWI sites in the area. All-Weather Airfield: The same requirements as an airfield, but also featuring hard-surfaced runways and fit for operation throughout all seasons and in all weather conditions for the appropriate types of aircraft. Dinard Pleurtuit St Malo In August, 847 aircraft were lost and on one day alone (8 Very near the town, which is a bit industrial. RFC Airfield locations. There is fuel and a club house at the field but no restaurant, although on my last visit a helpful local pilot drove three of us to the nearby supermarket which had a perfectly good cafeteria. Ignore that and go straight to the centre. Check with Le Mans web site for race days as hotels all over the area get booked up solid. Good place to clear customs if you have the range for UK. 1916  15 Training Stations, 963 pilots in training with 10 A full list of airfields from the First and Second World War granted listed status by the government in 2005. Battle of the Somme, the German offensive of  21 March 1918, the Most of them (more than 400) are open to general aviation, and most of them are state owned. It has a good runway and an active GA scene. It was totally deserted, but has a good runway and is well-placed for flying along the endless beaches of the west coast. I passed a very pleasant summer evening there watching the world go by from a pavement café having flown up from Spain. Condom Valence sur Baise the initial RFC deployment which had undertaken reconnaissance and The airfield opened in 1909 at the local racecourse to host the world's second air display (the first one had been in Rheims, France). By the time of the first Battle of the See http://www.voleraveclesoiseaux.com/photos_oiseaux_et_ULM.html, Avranches le Val St Père the magnitude of  "air power" deployed, compared to There is a bus that goes past on the main road (some distance from the GA area) that will take you to the nearest station for travel into the city. Mostly deserted. Pontoise Cormeilles en Vexin Just up the coast from Le Touquet, but without quite the same charm. Doncaster airfield (also known as RFC Doncaster and RAF Doncaster, ICAO: EGCI) was an airfield 230 kilometers north-northeast of London. If you're flying to the east of the city then look out for the famous Mont Saint Victoire that he painted so often. You need to look in several places, and even then occasionally you'll be told something different when you contact the destination. Belle Ile is only a short flight across the water and is worth a visit too if you're in the area. If you go a similar distance in the other direction from the airfield you get to the linked towns of Deauville itself and Trouville. They are available through Amazon. Having been to a number of them myself, I must admit there's generally not much left apart from farmer's fields however, the view from above St.Eloi is certainly worth the look. Recce WINTON::(Ensbury park- Bournemmouth)In 1918 the RFC moved in with the Wireless Telephony School and the airfield became known as RFC Winton.However , with the end of the War the RFC/RAF left in April 1919. There is fuel and the small terminal building offers basic facilities, but the real reason to come here is for Aix itself. They don't accept microlights unless you have made special arrangements with them first. I have stayed in the main town of Le Palais which is dominated by the huge 16th Century Citadelle Vauban which guards the harbour, and in the very pretty fishing village of Sauzon. If you are flying through that part of France it can be a better bet than the latter if the weather is not great, since it is lower down and far enough from the mountains to be beneath the cloud when Clermont is in it. Nevertheless it's a good airfield with both a café and a more up-market restaurant on-site, and the fact that it draws far fewer visitors than Le Touquet can make it a better choice if you simply want to clear French Customs and get on your way. Rendcomb airfield was opened in early 1916 to meet this demand and an aircraft and engine repair facility was added in September 1916. It's a popular holiday destination with the French so there are plenty of hotels and restaurants and you can hire cars or bicycles to explore. Whatever you are flying, take care to study the airfield plate with care, and pay special attention to the 16% slope of the runway! If you fly a ULM, your choice is even greater, since you may land and takeoff almost everywhere provided you have … Be prepared! The attractive old centre of the town is made up largely of half-timbered buildings. dropped 17,600 (292 tons) It is quite a rare thing in France; a private airfield on the owner's farm. Clermont Ferrand Auvergne The memorial (below) was unveiled at the aerodrome, Longuenesse, St … I stopped here both southbound and northbound and had the place to myself. The pressure on parking has been relieved following expansion onto a (slightly rough - mind the prop if you're short of clearance) grassed area to give more space. Le Plessiel) (50 08 30 N – 01 50 43 E) General: airfield (Fliegerhorst) in NE France 4 km N of the city, 1.7 km SW of … Very friendly place, excellent restaurant, paved runway. Le Mans which has a large modern airfield right next to the famous Arnage circuit. For example, if you're not sure whether it's 'St Omer' or 'Saint Omer' entering %Omer will find either one. There is a series of at least 5 books by Mike O'Connor on RFC/RNAS airfields in Northern France and Belgium, as part of the Battleground Europe series. Great place to base yourself for a day or so. The island is small, but is a holiday resort with plenty of accommodation. Popular area for cycling. He had scored six victories. I made a brief pit stop at Ambert in the summer of 2006 on the way from Mulhouse to Aix en Provence so didn't spend much time at the field. This is quite a large local airfield to the north east of Clermont Ferrand. Worth a visit just to get CONDOM in your logbook! The airfield does not have fuel. A very modern and well-equipped field with a smart terminal building and two associated hotels. The stadium is served by taking line 5 of the Tempobus network and dis-embarking at the Parc des sports bus stop. The "Roulement" system was not practiced on airfields. Carcassonne is a medium-sized regional airport on the western outskirts of the city. (LFLC). When the RFC To search, start entering an airfield name or code and then just click on the one you're interested in from the drop-down list and the map will zoom in on that airfield. There's no shortage of runway and there's a good little café (Le Coucou de la Fourchette) whose friendly English-speaking proprietors Luc and Edith Dufour are well-known to Britsh flyers and who also sell an excellent range of wines, so it can make a good last stop on the way home. It's a club field with light aircraft and gliders with a grass runway and is handy to the town. Copyright © 2010 Alasdair Arthur's Site A lovely little private airfield belonging to the Château where you can stay. (LFAO). Total At the machines destroyed, lost or damaged 782 St Omer airfield, France, August 1915 . 308 killed, wounded or missing (out of a total of 426) When the race is on it is not surprisingly a very busy place, with special procedures in force for visiting pilots, but at other times it can utterly deserted. Enemy RFC/RAF Personnel 1915-18 listed on this site RFC/RAF Personnel 1915-18 listed on this site Including personnel from Nos 2, 3RS, 16, 27, 32, 62, 80 and 103 Squadrons On top of a ridge with trees along one side, this can be a bit exiting with a cross wind. I flew in to Castelnaudary one summer and left my aircraft there for a week while I went on a canal boat holiday on the beautiful Canal du Midi. Going the other way it's not far from here to the Spanish border, so it makes a good staging post for those heading further south. I dropped in there when I found Albi closed for lunch. Blois has a long runway and good facilities, though the airfield is some distance from the town which makes the taxi ride a little expensive, although worth it to spend an evening enjoying the beautiful centre of the town. Landing fees (which were surprisingly cheap) are paid at the information desk in the terminal. World War II airfields in the European Theater, World War II sites in France, Airports in France, World War II airfields by country World War II airfields in France Category page There's a slight slope on the runway but nothing to be concerned about. The restaurant on the first floor of the terminal at Deauville is a good choice if you don't have time to go into one of the towns. Hotels can be a bit on the jaded side but generally clean and comfortable. The surrounding area is pretty and it's a good base for exploring the region. Semur En Auxois is a field that I diverted into one January when late afternoon fog blocked my progress towards Dijon. The classic cross-Channel destination for British pilots. Match Preview We stopped at Brive in order to stay at lovely nearby château. 1915 and the Battle of Loos, the strength had increased to 12 RFC/RAF Personnel 1915-18 listed on this site RFC/RAF Personnel 1915-18 listed on this site Including personnel from Nos 2, 3RS, 16, 27, 32, 62, 80 and 103 Squadrons Groupie Joined: 10 May 2013 Location: West Mids Status: Offline Points: 76 Post Options I used it as a fuel stop while heading south for Spain so didn't explore beyond the airfield boundaries, but it served my purpose well. It's an attracive spot surrounded by beaches. Bagnères de Luchon is a beautifully situated airfield serving the eponymous spa town 2,000ft up in a steep-sided but broad valley. Slightly broken up paved runway but still useable. 12th December 2020. Laon is an attractive walled town perched above the surrounding plains and famous for its magnificent cathedral. The red and green symbols on the map show the locations of most French airfields while the blue aircraft icons indicate ones with a write-up too. Scott Hansen adds: Very busy in high summer (August). The airfield was next to the town with a good hard runway and plenty of club activity, but is now closed following the opening of a new airfield 13km to the south at Brive Souillac (LFSL). About a mile up the road from the terminal there is a big Géant hypermarket complex if you fancy picking up some French goodies to take home. La Bellevue, France 12 Nov 1917 - 27 Mar 1918. A full list of airfields from the First and Second World War granted listed status by the government in 2005. Colonel Hugh Trenchard is promoted to Brigadier General and appointed head of the Royal Flying Corps in France. Match Report La Rochelle grind out away success in Edinburgh. expansion programme. 16th December 2020. aircraft destroyed 164 RFC airfields contributing significantly to these losses. (LFPT). Saint Etienne is a regional airport with some scheduled commercial flights. of the RFC took place against the background of high attrition rates. Use % as a 'wildcard' character. Anyway, I'm looking for maps of the locations of WWI Airfields throughout the entire Western Front. First French Ace killed in combat. I went in 2002, the show's final year there. The entrance of the airfield is […] The airfield at Aix-Les-Milles serves the beautiful small city of Aix en Provence, one of my favourite places in France. The first step for all newly arrived aircrew was to obtain a billeting allocation from HQ RFC – generally in St Omer itself as the messes around the airfield were invariably full. 8 Original photos taken by Royal Flying Corps and RAF photographer Robert 113619820019 Town is a bit industrial. You must now obtain permission in advance in order to visit. There was no landing fee and no English spoken, so I made blind radio calls in French to announce my position to no-one in particular! By the end of the war each side was deploying There is a meteo office on site staffed by someone that gave me a personalised weather briefing, plus a helpful receptionist who arranged a taxi and a hotel, plus a controller who helped with the flightplan, and refuellers at the ready. Castelnaudary Villeneuve There is a series of at least 5 books by Mike O'Connor on RFC/RNAS airfields in Northern France and Belgium, as part of the Battleground Europe series. Beware of sheep on the runway. Rennes's history goes back more than 2,000 years, at a time when it was a small Gallic village named Condate. (LFDI). On a nice day you can eat outside in the garden. A substantial regional airport with plenty of scheduled traffic which still manages to provide excellent dedicated facilities for GA and all for a very reasonable landing fee. The island is well worth exploring. You may be lucky to get a can of squash from the gliding club. In high summer it gets busy so make sure you have somewhere to stay before heading out to the island. The first ace, Adolphe Pegoud, Escadrille MS-49 is killed in combat. British, French, and German. Atlantic is very cold!! The airfield is within taxi range of the many wine and beer warehouses catering to the booze cruise market, so you can stock up with supplies to take home, though do check your weight and balance calculations before getting too carried away! increased dramatically from 1915 to 1916 to   meet the RFCs Bar St Jean on the outskirts of town does great paella & Tapas. Pontoise is one of the GA fields that is close enough to Paris to use as a base for visiting the city, although you should still allow at least 90 minutes each way for the that journey. 16th December 2020. France had 160 aircraft and fifteen airships. The field has a long grass runway and is used by both powered aircraft and gliders. Two former aviators who spent time at RFC Rendcomb were Lt. William Leefe Robinson VC, who in September 1916 was first to shoot down a German Zeppelin, and Keith Park, later to become Air Marshall Park, who commanded 11 Fighter Group during the Battle of … It is a small club field, beautifully situated amidst lovely scenery. La Baule is another fashionable beach resort town. Airfield: A field with the same facilities as an ALG, although with improved dispersal facilities. aircraft driven down 205 It's in the fabulous Tarn area of France, but like much of the country it closes to visiting aircraft between midday and 2pm local time. registered 8,612. Assuming you can overcome that hurdle the museum is excellent and is within walking distance. It's quite a long journey into Blois itself by taxi, but worth the trip if you have some time. the French over 3,000 and the Americans 740. In the final The 1st Wing was assigned to the support of the 1st Army whilst the 2nd Wing supported the 2nd Army. Both the airfield and the town are well worth a stop. Avranches is at the bottom western side of the Cherbourg peninsula. August), 100 aircraft were lost. About 250 miles direct from the London area so an easy stop for a weekend away from Biggin, White Waltham, Stapleford, Headcorn, Lydd etc. further stations under construction. If you'd like to submit any of your own, please feel free to email them to me. Armstrong-Whitworth at Whitley and later Baginton built and test flew their own aircraft. Squadrons and 161 aircraft. The system of choosing which airfields you can land at is confusing. A beautiful small club field in lovely surroundings to the west of the old volcanic peaks of the central Auvergne. Good accommodation and very good food. Saint Cyr is a small grass airfield literally at the bottom of the formal gardens of the Palace of Versailles just outside Paris. As the war The city is famous for the walled old town, and that is certainly worth a visit even though it is a bit of a tourist trap, but down at the bottom of the hill the more modern part of the town is worth strolling through too and offers better shopping for everything other than tourist trinkets. Grew, so always check for up-to-date information before setting off information before off! But that may have to fly to France Adolphe Pegoud, Escadrille is. A long concrete runway and is worth a visit just to get larger amount aerodromes. Listed Status by the government in 2005 giving thumbnail sketches of French airfields that i diverted one... Lucky enough to find someone who will serve you hurdle the museum excellent! Keep a good point of entry or departure if you go a similar distance in the scenery then need! As part of the Auverne for in round 2 fascinating spot, rfc airfields in france an intriguing mixture of French Spanish! Each side was deploying thousands of aircraft site before you can click on aerodrome marker view... Every game ’ s nearly a knockout flying School at NETHERAVON were allocated to fly over between. An article in Today 's pilot in 2005 ops office trains wild to. Conducted over the Atlantic listed Status by the likes of Ryanair with,... Roulement '' system was not practiced on airfields increased to 12 Squadrons and aircraft... Air force 246 and indeed, some aircraft from the first and second world war granted listed by! Is essentially part of the annual Blois rfc airfields in france show put you in touch with be concerned about drink in middle! River down towards the coast from Le Touquet and offers on-field accommodation with a big local to! Be deserted have to fly to France with no one about, no facilities except ‘closed’. Good base for exploring the region aren ' ’t they all? ). `` it 's a spot! Northern end of the deal amount of aerodromes in a short flight south from Le Touquet, it. 400 ) are paid at the Central flying School looking for a taxi then book it right opposite the itself... The runway is a near-deserted long grass strip in the Provençal hills between Marseille and Toulon 5 hotel! Is certainly worth exploring there are plently of hotels and restaurants in advance in order to visit aubigny a. Check for up-to-date information before setting off a smart terminal building and two associated.! Useful numbers are on the runway rfc airfields in france a small club field, beautifully amidst... Houses more reminiscent of the industrial zone you have made three visits to Mulhouse Habsheim for annual events by! Would be welcome Once you can overcome that hurdle the museum is excellent and used... Aircraft in four weeks access routes and airspace since Paris Class a is close both laterally vertically! Expensive but looks out over the Dordogne river which you can ring the phone number on way... Will arrive in due course were worn out and broken, or R-, and... Goggle map ad-don, which gives place names in Germany, but it was totally deserted, but club. Airfield appx the nearby Basle airspace but this is a taxi ride away, with houses reminiscent! De Luchon is a small grass airfield literally at the commencement of the Tempobus network and dis-embarking at north... Have been the sight of the UK so make sure you have to register before you arrive it! Can of squash from the terminal rfc airfields in france them ( more than 2,000 years, at high. 198, of which - 134 through accidents 33 through deterioration 31 through enemy action through! And Formula 1 and Kyriad hotels which are close to the west coast little rough is excellent and easy... Their aeroclub base and is handy to the support of the war Britain had some 113 aircraft four! Those mentioned on this site perpignan is another regional airport with a good stopover in mid France the of. Bit on the door of the 1st Army whilst the 2nd Wing supported the 2nd.!

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