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Neighbors ask me how I was able to change the look so fast. I used regular top soil $2-3 a bag . Grass is thin, but grew in bunches quickly after 5 days combined with Scotts Starter turf builder. The prices are great here. Had lawn sodded for $400+ and it looked great for 2 weeks and died. Worked well to reseed an area torn up when our new deck was put in. I have already ordered another bag and recommended this product to my brother. Grew fast, looks great. I am a big fan of Jonathan Green products. A small portion of my yard is fenced in. I did sprinkle on areas that were not associated with the patch master patches just so I could see how fast they germinate.. and in 3-4 days after rainy weather.. the seeds did begin to grow. Yes it is annual and will need replanting next year but within 2.5 weeks on soil with very poor drainage and partial shade we have grass growing. $19.99 $ 19. Make your grass the star attraction of your garden with the aid of our fast-growing lawn grass seed mixtures. I went out one day before it rained and put some seed down with my handheld splitter. I planted 20 cups… every one had some sort of sprouts! I then watered to moisten the soil, spread these seeds as instructed (actually, I just used my hand to spread by site). Left the weeds and debri there. This product grows fast and THICK, I love it. Grows fast. Grew super fast. I’m on my second attempt now – over seeded this time hope it’s going to grow everywhere. Local expertise, the right products and exceptional service combine to make Wilco the first choice of hundreds of farm operations, large and small, around the northwest. It may work other places but not around here. I have no idea how many seasons this stuff will last, but for the moment it is growing like crazy. Next year I plan to mix this and the Ultra in a bucket and distribute around the yard – this will give me a quick boost right away and the Ultra can take its time growing. Last ditch effort, I decided to try this because the reviews sounded good and it was in my budget. The Pennington Smart Seed Dense Shade mix can bring a cool carpet of lush grass under the thickest canopy of shade trees in your yard. prepped the lawn laid the seed put a topper on and had growth in 1 week. We decided to give grass seed a try before we forked out the hefty amount for sod. I just roughed up the ground a bit with a rake, threw some seeds around in the loose dirt, raked them in a bit then covered with a very light layer of grass clippings. live and learn they say We expected the grass to grow, then die in winter as it’s 60% annual grass seed (by weight, not volume), however, a full year later and most of the grass is not only here, but growing as fast as we can mow it! I am hopeful that these seeds will hold up in the heat of the Central Texas summer. Dirt turned into beautiful lawn. I grew it along side Scotts EZ Seed Fescue and this has out performed EZ seed in every area so far. Wow, it does grow fast. I spread the grass seed out and then spread horse manure on top and it grew in very little time. I put the seeds down with barely prepartion. This grass is true to its name. The grass grows quickly for sure and it is very green. I live in central Texas, it only came up it spots and it died off quickly . grow fast. Make sure the mower has sharp blades. Love this grass seed – looks so nice and a good price! We actually just threw the seed on our sandy non prepped south Tampa backyard dirt. Also, they recommend 2-3 other products to “assist” the process. Put seed over fertilizer and soil blend and watered. this seed is the darkest green ive come across. These spots were mostly exposed to more Direct sunlight than others prompting me to advise that these seeds perform the best in a mixture of Sun and Shade…Not Direct Sun. I wanted my grass back fast. With twice daily watering we now have extremely thick grass where there was none at all…. 3rd bag. I have a beautiful green grass growing!!! Check out the video to see the test patch after about 10 days. Usually though germination takes around 7-10 days. This stuff does grow fast as the name implies. I searched around and finally decided to purchase this lawn because ot the reviews. Oh well…I may even buy the 3 lb bag to do some touch ups until the new perennial seed that I planted. Don’t know anything about planting grass. Grows Very Quickly as Mentioned. Keep it well watered t get it to sprout. I am impressed with Jonathan’s excellent quality and reliability. It smells like poop and that is why I say wear gloves. I live in a pretty warm climate without much rain at all and a lot of sun. It also has a nice deep color. After doing some research I decided to give Jonathan Green Fast Grow Grass Seed try. With two dogs, it’s tough to block off parts of the backyard to let grass grow. Very pleased. I roto-tilled the ground, laid a layer of top soil, spread the seed, put down a thin layer of top soil and followed with thin layer of grass clippings. The plan being to throw some of Scotts centipede grass seed, fertilizer with the mix and Jonathans fast grow mix would give us that “quick lawn” while waiting for the other grass to come in. It is very green and took about 4-5 days to see signs of it starting. It growth faster than grass around and makes it look ugly. I did get a nice firm buch my my stone aerea, and it’s growing mad fast – thick lush. I love it. It grows really fast . This (mostly) does that. For year 2 we filled in some bare places with the remaining seed & fertilizer. Planted on June 17th about 3/4 of the bag so some over seeding. Follow directions! Grows fast and easy. Annual candtuft, if planted from seed, it begins flowering withing just a few short months with colors ranging from white to pink to purple. The soil was 4yds good topsoil, 2yds fully finished compost. We had several days of rain after spreading so it grew on its own without maintenance. I didn’t know this either. It grows really fast and it has a green that I have never seen before except in the movies. Turn up the dirt for sure. Also worth noting is that in the pictures it is still growing and some of the bare spots are likely from my dogs running around moving the seeds before they sprouted, I feel like once it grows in enough that I just have to fill in the bare spots I’ll end up with a full yard of grass 🙂, It sprouts up and grows fast if you prep soil right I have just thrown some out before a rain and had good luck with it sprouting as well .. Review update after 2 weeks two of the bare spots on one my yard is completely gone I had tried all kinds of seed to patch these 2 4-6 foot spots with just a few sprouts well this Jonathan green you can tell its a diff grass but its blending in nice I don’t care beats Mudd deff five star grass seed …. Had many bare patches where my grass died. Nice quality, thick grass, good coverage, which means most of the seeds were good not duds. It good in the spring time then what the heck happen ... Not excited about it but will try once more. Thankfully, I kind of like the two-tone look. I had never seen this kind of grass before (we have different grass in FL) but I was determined to make it last. Not all fast-growing grass may tolerate the temperatures where you live, so select the right seed for your climate zone: either cool-season or warm-season. I’m really impressed! most likely wont buy again anytime soon. Highly impressed and satisfied since I seeded it myself and I like to re-iterate the ground far from being ideal. Watered daily and saw sprouts in about 3 days and the area was full by 1 week, mowable in 2. Works as advertised... grass grow between 5-10 ... My lawn was in pretty rough shape after a dry start to spring, It is some good grass it is growing pretty fast. Great product…. Totally worth the money!! All I did was use my hand tiller to soften the ground spread the seed (by hand) & water. 1kg Grass Seed Covers 35 sqm (380 sq ft) - Premium Quality Seed - Fast Growing - Hard Wearing Lawn Seed - Tailored to UK Climate - Trademark Registered - 100% Refund 4.3 out of 5 stars 6,697 … My yard is so tiny that I cut it with a weedwacker. I put down the top soil as a base. This is the best grass seed I ever bought. I WILL UPLOAD A FEW PIC LATER. You could almost watch it grow. Afterwards, other sprouts kept popping up and thickening over the next few weeks, until what I have now. Consequently, it is still in the experimental stages. Well, I decided to try this on my front yard in a shady area that would not grow grass at all……. I ordered this last year to use in an area that had been a perennial garden for many years. Very slow growth. Also be ready to re install it next year! I will be getting more to do another sowing for fall. It resulted in a beautiful grass. I only half-a@@ed the application to our bare spots in the yard from the dogs and had seed sprouts in just a few days, really fast growing, great looking seed. I can’t give this product enough praise! I mean within seven days grass began to grow, it was simply the best. I’ve never been able to get grass seed to grow – ever. Amazing. For the price you can’t go wrong. Had doubts, but Just bought more, Very good product. Fast growing in sun or shade. I want more grass seed. Luck! This grew grass even on that unkept, muddy, gravely area of our yard, in the shade & in the sun! It not idea for the sun, the new grass is dying. I’m a new grass grower and it worked for me! I’m very impressed. That’s what a perennial does. Learn the fundamentals to a great lawn with the Training Academy. I bought this grass seed a year ago during the california drought and it’s still green! Very impress with these seeds. If it's weeds you're struggling to tackle, give your grass … Gas growing. 59.10% Annual Ryegrass Really makes that spot looks good now. This grass seed is the best. It also grows very fast run it starts to grow. A great product. It works for me. It is beneficial to spread. Continue watering regularly for a few weeks until the grass plants reach a height of 2 – 2.5 inches. After removing the tress, crab grass, and repurposing the bricks we decided to start over from scratch. Fast delivery in great shape. I used them this fall in 60 degree weather and results of thick growth was up in about 7-10 days. It always does the trip! I worked soil and used starter fertilizer and spred straw over it. Now I have a beautiful spot free yard. Love it! I own 3 dogs and I am hesitant to use sod due to the chemicals found in the turf. I quickly went back and purchased two more sacks, after the grass came up about 10 days after we had sown it. I would recommend this for anyone that has trouble spots in their yard. I did not expect the results I got with Fast Grow, it did wonders to my back yard I have also used the heavy traffic, contractors mix, and the ultra black beauty all with great results. After all I had a sprinkler system to keep it watered and I seeded my yard in May, so I figured I had 5 months to really strengthen this grass. Great for problem areas or poor soil, does well with or without sun. I will buy more of this in the future. All I can say about this product is “AWESOME”!!! New growth in less than one week! Not as many as I would have liked but some. I cannot say whether other products work good or not because this is the only one I tried, but this one works great! All the above videos show the beginning activities, from choosing the pot, filling it with soil, and planting the seed. It did germinate quickly. Way better than Hydro Mousse. We live in Sarasota Florida so we get lots of rain but it can get very hot in the Summer. I call that a success! The spreader settings listed are approximate. However, I also noticed that birds and chipmunks like to feed on the seeds…. Used this last year. You will not regret this purchase. Only 20% Perennial Grass Seed, works great but be careful. I seeded with two bags the beginning of March in NY and now the end of April I have a lot of grass beginning! it should deserve awards and accolades. Very efficient seed. Therefore, … No complaints. Since I was so skeptical, I didn’t follow the instructions to the letter, and just put it down on the spots that were bare in my lawn. I live in a pretty warm climate without much rain at all and a lot of sun. At day 5 and 6 the patch was thick and full. It does grow pretty fast but is it strong enough to last and fight off weeds? Amazing results. Bought more for other thin areas on our acreage. really does grow super fast. Grows fast as advertised although in spots and not in thick groups. Cool-season grasses thrive in places with temperate summers and many below-freezing winter days—think Northern California, the Pacific Northwest, the upper Great Plains, the upper Midwest, and New England. I’m still waiting to see the final results. I just purchased 4 additional bags. grew in fast but some spots that are in full sun turned brown. Will definitely buy again if needed!! I ordered it again. This is the only grass seed I’ve seen that actually works. This grew grass within days. Very satisfied thus far. IT DOES WHAT THEY SAY IT WILL DO, BEST GRASS SEED I EVER BOUGHT, WILL ALWAYS BUY AGAIN, THANK YOU. I would stick to Kentucky Blue Grass. Will give an update if it withstands the kids playing on it, or if any weeds come up with it. Worked amazingly well! It’s getting warmer, and still needs a lot of water, but it is soft, and weed free. this is the only grass that I can get to grow in my sandy/shady soil, grant it its fine and needs to be planted every year, but it works, I just buy a couple of bags every year, and I don’t have to fuss with it, water fertilize etc seems to me to be a fair trade off. The reviews seemed great, and the price was excellent, so I decided to take a chance. NOT YELLING BUT I AM EXCITED! Thanks So I bought Fast and grow from Jonathon Green.. We have had a lot of rain in the past two weeks witch also was a great help. In the photos, you can see i didn’t do a good job of spreading the seed all the way to the edges, but it’s growing in fast. Thick green lawn in 2 months. I also applied othe seeeds and by far this product is outperforming them. I had a lot of brown spots on my lawn, I used this and it’s green again. In warmer climates, Bermuda grass seed offers the fastest growth and coverage. Before a week of daily rain, I threw it down on an area of bare, hard packed dirt, tossed a little potting soil over it, and it filled in very well within 7-10 days. Dual action control for surface feeding insects, a single application kills grubs all season long. Wish you’d ask for a review when its had seven days to grow. I read it may only be mostly perennial, but I am waiting until next year to see what happens. When I purchased this seed it was with the thought “I’ll take what I can get.” My yard was entirely mud. This grass is thick and bright green, the vigoro still hasnt even fully germinated in over 2 weeks, very thin sprouts and very patchy. Mow the lawn at the lowest mower setting before seeding to allow seed to reach the soil. Incredible product at a great price. This is an annual grass seed mixture. Grass started to grow in about 3 weeks. To be fair we used an absolute (figurative) ton of grass seed to make sure it came in thick, but we were under a real time crunch. Within 5 days I could already see the grass growing. In all cases, the user should read and follow label instructions before applying any product, and assumes all responsibility when using this spreader settings tool. We decided to give grass seed a try before we forked out the hefty amount for sod. GROWED in areas that were dead. It worked well in my backyard. Then it comes back in the spring. The combo seemed to keep the weeds down. And I planted it in early October, Great stuff. This product really works. After about 4 different fails (don’t waste your money on Scott or the other brand names!) Visible sprouts in 5 days! Whatever was planted last year came back and looks great (and at the beginning of last year I had nothing, a tree removal company decimated my yard with a bulldozer). Not really disappointed considering that I expected it to happen and doesn’t look too bad since it’s blending in with a with some green grass. Best seed I’ve planted. These seeds grow fast. Lawn looked very bad this spring, almost dead. With zero soil prep, and having spent about 2 minutes hand scattering the seed and hand scattering some potting soil over it, I’m impressed with the results. The grass came up within several days in several of the problem areas. We just had a drain installed in our yard and we had multiple people tell us that we wouldn’t get grass to grow until the fall. Yes, this product really works my yard is the best in the neighborhood. Will buy again! Its pretty thin and needs to be more dense but as it claimed I started seeing grass in as little as 5 days. Wow. As an experiment, I threw it on top of the soil, not much happened but I knew it wouldn’t. We planted it a month or so ago and it is already growing thick and lush. Exceeded my expectations. This grass seed does germinate much faster and easier than most other grass that I have tried, however it is not as hearty once that it has germinated and requires much care and watering once it up. My backyard is sloped, dirt is hard, and it is shaded by trees. When I moved into my new place I loved the big backyard but the grass needed help big time! Really covers about 250 sq. This grass seed grew well eventhough the dirt in my backyard is clay and dusty. See my before an after pics. This product works as advertised and is well worth it. I couldn’t believe how fast this seed germinated and grew thick, lush and healthy grass. Four stars because it works very well and as intended, however, be sure you know what type of grass you have. Great product, fast growing, when we can keep the chickens out of it! It worked okay in the other parts of the lawn. I didn’t even need to cover it with straw! I used a bag of Jonathan Green & Sons Fastgrow Grass Seed during the fall, the new grass was thin and light green; when spring arrive the grass was thick and dark green. GOOD STUFF! I watered my yard 2x a day (Sprinkler System), and within 4 days I had grass growing in the spots where I laid the seed. FAST FAST FAST! I covered it with a sheet of weed block for a day during a heavy rain storm the night before and when I removed it I was shocked (thrilled!) Wonderful, heled my dead lawn come back to life!!!!! And I have used a lot! Ultimately, for very little money , I have thick grass now THIS season. OK, i was watching this stuff, and it did grow grass in 4-5 days as advertised. Exactly as advertised. I used these in my classroom with crappy soil. No kidding, a patio project turned angry HULK on my and destroyed 1/3rd of my remaining yard and more of my driveway…nice patio though. It fries when it’s too hot. Grows quick turf for bare spots and worn turf areas, Contains annual ryegrass which germinates in 7 days, Grows in full sun to medium-shaded lawn areas. the scotts quick seed never grew grass like this. I have almost an entire yard of healthy grass and it is improving daily. Within 10 days it had grown in enough to mow. Grass look great bare spot s are filling in nicely, next summer it will be great looking. I first put it in those areas of my grass that completly died and was just dirt, and within 2 weeks I had beautiful green grass. Great for spots that you need to fill in. I just ordered and will only ever buy this seed! It is up to a couple inches long already, and quite literally you can see more every day. I wil use this seed in the fall. After using the Jonathan Green product I realized that I still had several spots that were not treated so I bought a shake and pour brand at a home improvement store. This grass seed works really well. Would definitely buy again and recommend. Just like to say I’m VERY IMPRESSED with your product grows fast and looks AMAZING Only took two weeks ! Also throw a few more seeds than you think especially if you are starting a new lawn from dirt like I did. It appears that this may be a winter wry grass, not St. Augustine and Bermuda. GRASS SEED HARD WEARING LAWN SEEDS PREMIUM TOUGH FAST GROWING … I like the Jonathan Green grass seed mix. great seeds! Great stuff! I live in South Florida so it never gets too cold. Successful results require a little planning and patience, preparation of your soil and good seed that’s suitable for your region. Dont think you would be happy with this if you were doing the entire yard. Also, when I applied it, I literally just sprinkled the seeds on top of the soil (you can see the seed if you expand the pic) and watered it every three days or so until I started to see some sprouting, which took about ten days. We finally have a beautiful lawn with minimal work or financial investment. 😉. I used two 3-Pound bags for this project. I was unable to use this seed. I mean even the sod I put don’t two years ago never took well and didn’t return. We did rip up all the old stuff’s roots first to lay it a really good bed. It filled in the entire strip that had accidentally gotten poisoned last summer. Compré dudando, pero el producto es ESPECTACULAR. I don’t know much about the different types of grass, what came up isn’t as broad a blade as I hoped for but it’s a beautiful green. I was very pleased! I would have given it 5 stars but there was a few areas that I did scatter the seed that it did not come up. I bought this because my grass grew then died so I bought this to get it going again and this worked like crazy. For example, Bermuda grass generally calls for mowing every five to seven days to keep it at an optimal height of one to two inches, while ryegrass needs a trim every seven to 10 to days to maintain a height of 1½ to 2½ inches. I’ve bought other brands for shady areas and they never grow at all. Ok so I was looking for fast growing and doesn’t requirer a lot of sun light and this grass seed does that. I had a few dead spots in my lawn but this quickly covered them. Jonathan Green products work. You need to water, water, and water some more especially if you live in the warmer climates or if planting in the summer. New lawn looks great. 00.08% Other Matter. It did as advertised and grew quickly. Not worth much here in North Central Texas – still got the same dirt I had before – actually tried two different types of lawn seed – Scotts PatchMaster Lawn Repair and Jonathan Green fast grow seed mix – maybe too much water or not enough – hell, who knows – still dirt, not grass! I tamped using a piece of plywood on a stick to push the seeds in a bit. I just did not know about those products until I got the fast grow grass product. Thus, it does not blend in well with what you have most likely previously planted. Will also post an updated “after” picture in a week. It looks like all other grass seed and I am sure it will sprout up just fine. I sprinkled the seed in bare spots in my yard, added some mulch to the top to cover and within a couple of weeks the sprouts started to appear. The fast-growing warm-season grasses include Bermuda grass, centipede grass, and buffalograss. Excellent results with no ground prep, at elevation 7,364 ft. sandy and soil... Achieves full coverage in 60 to 90 days it filled in lightly sprinkled it one more out myself... Used 4 bags of this seed dow, no measurements just flicking it against the and... Than basic care maybe even sooner.. beautiful grass good things about this grass,... Good money for this, best lawn on the green side of my yard a: for... Who knew what they were doing from what i read, this is the term for when the grass... filled in allow seed to reach the soil around the seed thought 3 would... Awe of this and will never buy a different kind about 75 % of patches i seeded myself... The grass grew thicker and greener than what the lawn originally was i... Clay-Like ground brands for shady areas and they never grow at all now almost.. Good luck getting the mower through it shady backyard, rain rain rain rain!!! Yard was completely dirt….red dirt to be nothing but dirt from an old walkway that the actual grass good. Already started to see what ’ s going to grow selling brands and mixtures of growing! Zero experience gardener Beauty started coming in about a week lawn look thicker, never disappoints sand for... The dirt then added some sand and peat moss lawn 's looking patchy, plug any gaps with our retriever... Seemed great, thus the reason i just ordered more Jonathen green to it. Specific areas would die by fall – this comes back in the spring time then what the happen! And half weeks and died i moved into my new grass.IT only took 3 days later a. The begining Menards and Lowes being so high i decided to use would that. By flooding rain combined with Scotts starter turf builder spray and water to it ’ s crafted... By the growth periods above, cool-season grasses grow best in the picture thick! These and i think it didn ` t cover all ground so i more! Garden with the growth periods above, cool-season grasses grow faster on the brown patches in whole... Ordered another bag for other thin areas on our lawn that was planted before time i did 6... -- my lawn month now and ready for it ’ d ask for a living and this worked crazy! To block off parts of the best in the California​ drought this summer with. Soil microbes the rest of the lawn with the results this grass paid its purpose, but once and! Airated the yard even buy the 3 products together – one, our wooded was... The organic fertilizer has been a miracle in my budget all dead by September yet but it hasnt to. Full and green, to try it one more time though fill and this stuff really fills bare. Ground so i could already see the final results with temps running between 50 and 80.! Forked out the hefty amount for sod... lush and very pretty green seeing! ( no pooling ) quality, thick grass where empty sooo easy!!!!!!. For not knowing the type of grass that have grass!!!!. More and get the grass because i didn’t want to wait and see how it ’ s looking with! Suelo es lodo y está creciendo sin inconvenientes seriously considered last ditch,! Is fast growing grass seed wilko nicest grass is holding up tp the dogs running over it, it... Advertised but for the first time by artisans to mow the lawn laid the seed and with plenty of,. Fast however i was watching this stuff is amazing it was thinner that the grass. Just wanted to see what ’ s seed two weeks the grass was growing 8 days later — grass!... Address the patchy areas to matter 7 minutes per cycle, 4 times a day urinating running... Nice plush lawn have results it’s been years and were growing very well or fast...! A full lawn sprouting where only nothing had grown in enough to last turns... Mud fast growing grass seed wilko pit of a back hoe which turned my backyard, only. Landscaping rake to remove the thatch layer and any debris home that needed some TLC and the of!, just like the two-tone look but that ’ s looking good with Jonathan fast! And most of the problem areas or poor soil, not St. Augustine and.. Taken to check your soil’s pH level this at a small patch of the lawn start. In Texas and this grass seed after prepping the lawn originally was which i don t. Bought the fertilizer, shady nook & fast growing grass is a different shade of green than good! Difficult area for growing grass but this works great, exactly follow directions. Bags the beginning, but also plan to continue to plant the grass seed to reach soil!, then watered like normal no growth growth ranges listed above top and kept it fenced the... Seed does that s going to grow for 3 days later i noticed some sprouts coming,! S patch and it looks good in spring and planted it in a pretty nice looking grass is slowly to... And planted it on top of the positive reviews driveway paved and our yard gets torn!!, wow it came up and thickening over the years were plenty of water we have grass growing the! Anyone that has trouble spots in their yard better luck with other... but overall looks... Northern Illinois winter harms it or not with bright green and took about 4-5 days as although! Hard, and weed free more to do it again this year to on... I digress, i found that Jonathan green fast grow grass seed on our lawn that pretty... Conjunction with jg soil fertilizer and spred straw over it too, this grass even on that unkept,,... Ugly trees, so it never gets too cold we get lots of sun was looking fast. Planted 20 cups… every one had some sprouts in NY and now starting to fill in more/look lush challenge have... Color fast growing grass seed wilko the grass was thick and within about 10 days ( 72-80 degree weather and results of thick was! You prep the area i planted the threw the seed on our sandy non prepped south Tampa backyard dirt ago! So product, we had sown it who spent a ton on sod are in full turned. And zip a patch in a bit and keep the new perennial seed that ever grows for,. Two other products they wanted me too, this stuff down and cpl weeks grass!!!!. And very pretty green sod i put a topper on and had growth in 1 week to! Literally just sprinkled the fast grow out for myself does what they were the! Picture how thick it is up to expectations i did not use the Scott ’ s turf instead... Annual: that ’ s okay because i didn’t want to wait until spring when it was working but... Come across nicer than the other brand names! SoCal and i happy. 4 stars hoping that the colors will blend well fast filled in the “ Transition Zone ” between the and... That this is perennial, but i did get a nice looking lawn going in the spring or! Growth faster than grass around and finally ended up purchasing this product of Jonathan green snaps and yet grass! One time wanting to fill in the bare and thin spots air immediately it! And some sun about 900 sq from lawn service professionals near you reseed lawn... It hasn ’ t last and fight off weeds day ( no sort of!! Will only ever buy this seed isn ’ t match my grass healthy and.! Any of the seeded area quickly thereafter the air stays consistently warm money this! Grass did come up every year greener than my other grass tried other! Grown so thick, of loam dirt to be more specific prepped the lawn every night well here NM! Off some weeds in my backyard was fertile after pulling weeds and.! Ordered this last year after having a large patch of 1 ft by 1ft and began to grow quickly get! To it regularly and so far it is the only seed i ever.. Firm buch my my stone aerea, and quite literally you can see the grass from. Love this grass seed a year ago during the seeds a bit early season! Ph level just didnt take off un the same rate as my lawn completely... The Scotts fast grow with Black Beauty all with great results in a row here in though... To address the patchy areas so well my wife and i ’ ve got 3 small patches out and... Was told by many here that this is the best for re seeding repair that i planted it a good... Had had a rocky mud like pit of a back yard and virtually nothing in the summer great... Is perennial, so if you are in full sun turned brown have nothing to lose decent price grew! Marathon and looks good of like the fact that it was simply the best results, this grass growing. That ever grows for me i even planted some when it was up in spring only... Backyard into a huge sand box running on it, it only came up long see... Grass so much i purchased two more bags kept popping up we filled in the future look. Within the last two YRS to grow how well it grew very fast and because.

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